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Setup a new PC

Set up a new PC the right way

Even though your new out-of-box PC looks like it is ready to use, there are a number of steps to take before it is prepared for every day, efficient use. Have you removed all of the prepackaged programs that you don’t need? Can you set aside enough time to finish the full range of Microsoft updates? Have you backed up the system yet? These are just a few of the steps needed to prep a new PC once you get it home.

Router Vulnerability

Major router vulnerability may still be accessible after patch

A previously discovered security vulnerability found in multiple router models and then quickly patched, may not have been as effective as earlier reported. According to the security researcher who first discovered the vulnerability, the patch seems to only hide the router backdoor and does nothing to close the hole it creates. The full extent of the newly discovered backdoor is not yet known, but could affect as many as router brands as the previous vulnerability.

Self-Encrypting Drives

Self-Encrypting Drives: Top reasons you should purchase one

Following the barrage of revelations concerning governmental spying on digital networks and the high-profile data breaches of the commercial sector, the security of private data has never been more important. A simple way to guarantee the safety of your data is to use a form of encryption when storing important files. There are many options for encrypting information available today, from free public key protocols to enterprise-grade encryption systems, but one of the most effective technologies is the self-encrypting drive.

Tips and Tricks

Four tips and tricks to maximize your PC productivity

Many advanced computer users may think themselves beyond the need to learn new tips and tricks, but there will always be new techniques and styles to discover. The ultimate goal of most tips and tricks is to increase productivity and pc performance and these are no different. Just be sure to share them with your friends.

Extend the life of your PC

Three steps to extend the life of your PC

While the PC is no longer as expensive as it once was, we are still a long ways away from throwaway computers. In most cases, a PC purchase is a multi-year investment, which is extended by the level of technology included in most modern processors. With modern programs operating fine on older PCs and many services moving to the cloud, upkeep on aging systems becomes a top priority.

Blame the users

New report places app security blame on users

A newly released report by HP has found a new group to blame for many of the security vulnerabilities found in apps – the users. According to the report, nearly 80 percent of all vulnerabilities are caused, in some way, by the user. The report suggests that the most common issues are configuration errors, outdated software, and not coding errors.

Security Focus

Major vulnerability found in OpenSSL

Earlier this week, the OpenSSL project reported a major security flaw named Heartbleed. The newly discovered vulnerability could be used to spy on the secret digital handshake that takes place during secure transactions using Transport Layer Security / Secure Sockets Layer technology. The scope of the damages from affected sites and users could dwarf all previously known web vulnerabilities.

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