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Tips and Tricks: Browsers

Tips and Tricks: Bolster your browser privacy

Staying out of the crosshairs of data gathers on the web is difficult these days. Someone is always trying to gather the data from your browsing history, activities, and preferences. Don’t worry! There are a number of simple extensions that will bolster your browser’s and keep the tracking companies off your trail.

The Oculus Rift

The CEO of Oculus wants one billion players in VR

Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe wants to put one billion people into an MMO world and he just might be able to make it happen. Iribe and Oculus are now working to leverage the Facebook acquisition into a new MMO that will aim to go beyond just games in order to create a new communication network.

Manage your SSD

Manage your SSD the right way – Part Two

In our last blog, we covered the proper planning of your SSD’s file structure, how to move previously installed programs, and how to adjust the system folder pathing. This time, we will cover the care and feeding of your drive so that simple mistakes can be avoided. Follow these simple suggestions and keep your SSD lightning fast and viable for years to come.

Manage Your SSD

Manage your SSD the right way

The best upgrade you can purchase for a PC is a Solid State Drive. The differences between the average mechanical HDD and the average SSD are significant: lowered disk access speeds, faster boot times, and fast application launches. However, SSDs aren’t perfect and their limitations should be understood in order to make the most of their benefits.

Tips and Tricks

Selectively delete your browser history

When securing sensitive and private data on a PC, most users refuse to consider securing or deleting their browser’s history. This is the record of every internet site and page that a user has visited since the browser was first used or the last history was cleared. For most PC owners, that means their browser history contains everywhere they have visited on the web. Everywhere.

Microsoft Building

Critical Vulnerability found in most versions of Internet Explorer

Microsoft recently announced the existence of a new Internet Explorer vulnerability that can allow hackers to gain full administrative rights on an attacked machine. According to the information, users need only visit a malicious website or one using user-hosted advertising in order to become infected. This is even more serious for users with Windows XP, as support for vulnerabilities on that OS ended nearly three weeks ago.

FCC considers net neutrality rules

FCC proposing new Net Neutrality rules

The FCC is reportedly circulating a new set of net neutrality rules that have some critic worried. The reports suggest that, under the new rules, ISPs will be able to charge a fee for traffic used by content providers, like Microsoft and Google. How this possible choice will affect the internet will be hotly debated for some time.

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