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Hard Drive Health

Protect your HDD’s health

The health of your HDD should be a priority for anyone that stores important or priceless data there. However, most users do not take the time to consider the health or the protection of their HDD. Understanding these four categories of HDD health is a step in the right direction.

IE 8 is Vulnerable

Microsoft plans eventual patch for longstanding exploit

This last week, researchers from ZDI released information about a seven month-old Internet Explorer 8 vulnerability. Microsoft has yet to release a patch for this long-known exploit, but has said that a patch will be released eventually. Users of the IE 8 browser are advised to take steps to prevent serious harm to their computer security.

Google wants advertising on everything.

Google wants to put adds in everything

Google has recently admitted in an SEC filing that it has plans to include advertising in new types of consumer-grade items. As the company expands into new and emerging markets, like wearable computers, driverless cars, and household goods, the possibilities seem endless for Google. But, how much is too much for the company that already commands so much of our online lives?

Networks are defenseless

Defenseless: Study reports nearly all companies hacked

According to a study recently released by FireEye, nearly all participating companies showed signs of a data breach. The study included many businesses and educational organizations, which were participating in a FireEye “proof of value” exercise. If these results are valid beyond the studied participants, there will be many more high-profile security stories in the news to come.

Permanent File Deletion

Be confident that your files are truly deleted

Permanently deleting files seems like it should be a fairly simple process. Unfortunately, that is not the case for many systems and types of storage media. Don’t take the chance that deleted files could still be recovered by learning the right way to delete your files.

Disaster Recovery Plan Steps

Four steps to prevent a data disaster

A disaster recovery plan is a significant aspect of data security for entrepreneurs and individuals alike. Unfortunately, most users skip the planning of their recovery systems. To help those interested in setting up a disaster recovery plan, here are four tips to survive the worst.

Windows OS Upgrade

Windows 8.1: Use latest version or expect to receive no new patches

Microsoft will stop providing security patches for its Windows 8.1 operating system this coming June for systems who have not upgraded to the latest 8.1 patch. The deadline for users to upgrade was to be this May, but has since been pushed back to June following the slow adoption of the most recent upgrade. Older versions of the Windows OS will not be affected by this deadline, so owners of Windows Vista, 7, and 8 should rest easy for now.

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