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A SimCity is struck by meteors

SimCity 5: When DRM Goes Bad

One of the most anticipated games of the year, SimCity 5 was released and almost immediately players were reporting issues. Server outages, rollbacks, instability of core game functions and general "game-breaking" problems bubbled to the surface. How did such a beloved franchise fall so far in a seemingly short amount of time? Five simple words: Always On Digital Rights Management.

A Laptop Sitting on a Desk

Top Five Features To Look For In A New Gaming Laptop

One of the most exciting aspects of the new PC gaming market is the removal of the imaginary desktop tether. Gone are the days when a PC gaming enthusiast was require to stay home near a large, stationary box or was forced to carry a 25 pound computer to a friend’s home. Now, true gaming laptops are available and easily accessible.

XBox 360

Recovering data from your Xbox

One of the best additions to the console gaming market in recent years has been the inclusion of online services and the ability to download games directly to your system. These have been made by possible with the addition of internal hard drives but what happens if your drive fails and jeopardizes countless older games that are no longer available for download? Is there recovery options?

What's Trending: Far Cry 3

What’s Trending: Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is an open-world first person shooter-type PC game that is published by Ubisoft and incorporates several role-playing game aspects. The average player can expect to invest more than 35 hours into a single play through and up to 100 hours or more when multiplayer is taken into account. The loss of a set of gameplay saves could account for hundreds of hours of time invested into the game.

A Minecraft House with a Builder

Minecraft and the need for Data Recovery

In the world of Minecraft, the only limiting factor to your experience is creativity. Each world is an intricate combination of blocks that form whatever your imagination asks them to be, it just takes time. However, considering your time investment, what happens in the case of hardware failure or data corruption of the world file, hundreds if not thousands of hours could be lost.

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