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Solid-State + Hard Disk = Hybrid Drive

Hybrid Hard Drives: What Are They And Why Should You Care?

The acronym SSHD stands for Solid State Hybrid Drive and include drives that attempt to combine the best features of Solid State Drives (SSD) and Hard Disk Drives (HDD). On the one hand, the HHD style provides massive amounts of accessible storage on single or double stacked platters with access speeds determined by the rotations per minute (RPM) value.

System Information

Quickly Locate System Information on Your Computer

There are times when a person really needs to know what specific type or brand of equipment is installed in a system. There are many reasons: a device driver could be old or malfunctioning, there could be a sale for a type of system memory and you need to know if it would work in your computer, or you need to call technical support of help and they want to know more about the system than you cared to remember.

Back Up Plan

Creating a Bulletproof Data Back Up Plan

In today’s world, people are living more and more of their lives digitally - people work from home, game online, take digital photos, file their taxes online, and just about any other activity you can think of. If your data is important to you or your business you must have a bulletproof back-up plan.

Extreme Weather

Tips for dealing with Extreme Weather and Data Loss

Extreme weather – hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, heat waves, and earthquakes – is becoming a more common occurrence in the world today. While you can never fully prepare for the damage that Mother Nature can throw at you, you can take the necessary steps to mitigate the damage you might receive by following these suggestions

WD SanDisk Hybrid

Western Digital and SanDisk Team Up For New SSHD

In popular culture, the teaming up of two well-known brands often leads to an exciting outcome. On May 7 leaders would be combining their expertise in creating a new line of storage devices. This new series of storage drives will combine Western Digital’s proprietary hybrid technology and industry standard SATA technology with SanDisk’s reliable and low-power Flash technology.

Solid-State vs Solid-State Hybrid

Solid-State Hybrid vs Solid-State. What’s the difference?

In today’s ever expanding PC storage market, the options for replacing aging technology continues to grow. The market is saturated with multiterabyte platter drives, lightning-fast solid-state drives, and an emerging middle ground of the new hybrid drives. How do you decide which drive is best for your system?

International Space Station

Windows out, Linux in on the International Space Station

Over the last few years, residents of the International Space Station have used laptops equipped with Windows XP to interface with systems and to control experiments and scheduling software. However, we have now been informed that this no longer the case.

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