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More PC Tips and Tricks

More PC tips and tricks to maximize your PC productivity

Most PC users think themselves beyond the need to learn new tips and tricks, but there will always be new techniques and styles to discover. The ultimate goal of most tips and/or tricks is simply to increase productivity and pc performance and these are no different. Just be sure to share them with your friends.

Failed Database Security

Four Reasons Why Database Security Fails

The question is no longer if your customer’s data will be hacked but how long until the breech occurs and how to mitigate the damage. Many of the most damaging database violations occur because of missed security steps and warning signs. Learn how to remedy four of the worst security lapses with proactive management and basic due-diligence.

Data Disaster Prevention

Disaster-proof your backups

The return of hurricane season reminds us that data can and will fall victim to the forces of nature. Whether it is a blaze that burns through your home, or a flash flood that sends water coursing through your server room, a disaster can strike at any time. But, you can beat the odds by designing a backup plan that protects against worst-case scenarios.

Slow Computer Tips

Slow PC? Speed it up without buying new hardware

You need to take some sort of action if your PC started out as lightning-fast and is now slower than molasses on a cold day. Don’t worry about spending money on hardware, though, you probably have just overloaded your poor PC. We have gathered a number of easy tips to help rectify your strangled system without reducing your most important resource: money.

Private Web Browsing

Keep Your Web Browsing Private

In the wake of the near-constant revelations of government-sanctioned spying, secure browsing has become an important aspect of PC user’s daily lives. While no commercial connection to the internet will ever be 100% secure from tracking, there are a number of ways to make your daily browsing habits as hard to eavesdrop on as possible.

External Drive Failure Mitigation

External HDD Failure Prevention

The failure of an external hard drive can be one of the most frustrating experiences for a PC owner. We use external drives for many important duties, such as backup storage, media file storage, and personal cloud storage, and the loss of this data can be crippling. Learn how to best protect yourself from drive failure with tips and tricks to mitigate failure scenarios.

FCC Considers Cybersecurity

FCC to focus on network cybersecurity

In a recent speech, the chairman of the FCC made strong remarks about the stance of the FCC in the regulation of network communication and security as it transitions from analog-based to IP-based. The proposed cybersecurity regulations will be optional at first and will be studied for implementation as well as effectiveness. As time goes on, the recommendations may become the groundwork of future regulations.

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