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5 Best Hard Drives for the Money

5 Best Hard Drives for the Money

Today, users can now keep their data in the cloud, on solid state storage, or through a combination internal and external drives. With so many storage options now available, you might expect the demand for hard disk drives to plummet. In fact, the variety of storage options seems to have only spurred the market.

Data is also growing at an alarming rate. What was previously considered a large storage capacity may be stretched to hold files like movies and high resolution photos. Competition and high tech options are at an all-time high and consumers are left to compare their options across multiple variables.

What are the Best Hard Drives?

It’s important to know what you’re looking for in a hard drive. Is capacity most important? In general, a 2 TB hard drive will meet most consumers’ needs as it provides plenty of storage without sacrificing performance. There are also other variables to consider in your search, like the size of drive you’ll need and whether it will be portable or internally placed in your device. Make quick note of your needs and start your search based on these parameters.

Best Hard Drives for your Money

There are several hard drives with varying capacities and sizes that offer excellent value and functionality for your money.

1. The Western Digital Performance Desktop Hard Disk Drive

The Western Digital (WD) Desktop Hard Drive has received glowing reviews from customers for his size and speed. WD has added technology to control vibration and a few other features to protect your data. WD offers a 5-year limited warranty, which is among the longest in the industry.

2. Seagate Desktop HDD

The Seagate Desktop HDD is another option to get a reliable hard drive with large capacity at a good value. Seagate offers capacities up to 8TB so most users should be able to find a size that meets their needs. Seagate generally offers a 2-year warranty.

3. Western Digital Purple

The Western Digital Purple Surveillance 6 TB hard drive might be a great fit for users who need their hard drive to be up to the challenge 24/7 non-stop. This drive can handle up to 32 HD cameras with up to 8 storage devices. Reviews tout the drive’s ability to improve playback while boasting lower power consumption compared to other drives.

4. Seagate Laptop SSHD

For laptops, the Seagate Laptop SSHD offers a fast drive for a great price. There are a few other options to upgrade if you need something faster or with more capacity but most users find the 2.5-inch drive at 5400RPM more than enough to meet their needs. This drive integrates flash storage with traditional hard drive storage.

5. SanDisk Extreme 500 Capsule

There are many external hard drives that offer value and performance. The SanDisk Extreme 500 Capsule offers high speeds, a large capacity, and a resilience to drops, vibrations, and bumps. Photographers have praised its storage of high-res photos and videos. SanDisk offers a 3-year warranty.
With so many points to consider, it’s a positive sign that it’s difficult to narrow the field of hard drives. Consider your needs and start your search! No matter what the quality, value, type, or age of your hard drive, we know that data loss can happen at any time.

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