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3 Data Recovery Myths that Don’t Work

Data Recovery Myths

Last year, we debunked a few of the many myths of data recovery. For as long as computers have been present, users have faced the frustration of lost data. By the time customers seek services from professional data recovery services, many have already tried a few these DIY recovery strategies. These strategies often cause further damage and may make the recovery conducted by professionals more difficult or even impossible. Let’s take a deeper look at trending data recovery myths:

1. You Can Fix a Hard Drive by Freezing It

Like many myths, this one has its roots in what theoretically seems like a sensible solution. The components of a hard drive are constructed with precision. The spinning structures in the drive sometimes get stuck. Freezing the drive shrinks the structures, which allows the user to free the moving parts and restore them to working condition upon warning. Unfortunately, freezing causes more than just isolated shrinkage to the damaged parts. There are multiple problems with freezing a hard drive. It can permanently damage hard drive platters and the water condensation accumulates moisture in your device. For this reason, freezing a hard drive can make it impossible to recover the data. In addition to the original cause of data loss, the recovery specialist is now faced with challenges related to water damage.

2. You Can Use Software that Easily Repairs File Structures

There are several DIY software programs that promise to repair file structure and recover data. Many of these programs rely on overwriting the original drive. If the program overwrites the original data, it can make the lost data impossible to recover. Without knowing the cause of data loss, it can be easy to make the problem worse in an attempt to fix it. If you choose to use utility software, look for options that allow you to save a file that would undo the effects of the software. Recovery software that allows you to customize your repair may require slightly more knowledge but it’s preferable to automatically performing tasks that may be unnecessary or even damaging.

3. You Can Open the Hard Drive to Fix Stuck Components

Many users know that hard drives are sometimes comprised of components that spin. When experiencing hard drive failure, they might respond to clicking noises or a lack of spinning sounds by opening the drive to get a better look. First, it’s important to realize that many modern drives don’t typically have an audible spinning sound. Second, it’s far more likely that opening the drive will bring about irreparable harm instead of any potential solution. Drives are built (and repaired by professionals) under extremely clean environments. A tiny piece of dust can make the problem exponentially worse. Lifting the lid of the hard drive alters the carefully manufactured conditions and makes it even more difficult, if not impossible, for professionals to recover data. We understand the frustration of hard drive failure and the wish that DIY options were more successful. For the best chance to recover your data, trust a professional. Let us know if you’ve tried these methods (or others) so that we can apply the most up to data strategies to get your data back. Submit a help form to get started.
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