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Why You Should Be Using a Password Manager to Protect Your Data

Why You Should Be Using a Password Manager


Nearly every type of company has now experienced a major security breach. The hacking of LastPass still haunts users questioning whether they should use a password manager. Password managers hold not one but many key to directly access data. Still, an increasing number of password management options have hit the market. Why? Security experts explain that the benefits of effectively using a password manager to both create and store unique passwords often outweigh the risks of a potential compromise.

Why You Should Use a Password Manager

Gone are the days where a single, short, easy-to-remember password will provide access to anything and everything electronic. Companies now vary their rules in what types of characters can make up a password and many password-protected services require you to change your password multiple times per year.

Password managers detect screens where you might be creating a new account for a website, app, or service. The manager then offers the option to randomly select a password, which is guaranteed to be far more complex than most of us would come up with on our own. The manager then stores these randomly generated passwords securely on the cloud. Users just need to remember their primary password for the manager itself.

To mitigate the risk of the access that compromising your main password for the password manager raises, bulk up your security practices for that password. Change it frequently. Enable two-factor authentication and consider options like a flash drive authentication from LastPass to significantly decrease your digital vulnerability.

Consider Google for the All-In-One Password Manager Solution

There are countless password managers to consider. They vary in where they store passwords, interface, and other features. Google’s Smart Lock password management system has quietly entered the scene as an optimal option for users, especially those already connected to Google in other ways. Smart Lock uses a Google account as the master key. So there’s not need to come up with yet another high security password to remember. When it is time to generate a password, Google can still auto-generate but it’s a strangely hidden feature.

Google’s password manager, Smart Lock, is totally free. It can also save you time and irritation with countless log-in screens. Once Smart Lock is unlocked, Chrome, Android, and other Google products will detect log-in screens and bypass them. Future updates even promise to recognize safe environments, like your home, and raise or lower security barriers accordingly.

Google’s Smart Lock isn’t for everyone. If you don’t use Chrome or any Android products, you might prefer a more general solution. PC Mag publishes an annual comprehensive review of all password managers. Rank the features that are most important to you and select or change your manager. While not perfect, managers offer you worthwhile benefits to better secure your data. No protection measures are bullet-proof though. If you need help recovering data lost to a breach or any cause, fill out an online help form today to get started.

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