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Why You Need a Data Recovery Solution When Working Remotely

The Coronavirus led to an increase in working remotely and data loss can happen just as easily at home as at the office.


Individuals and organizations alike do not consider how important having a data recovery service is until their only means of data storage or business operations fails at an inopportune time. People tend to ignore the warning signs of failing media, resulting in lost data and excessive downtimes. As the Coronavirus is affecting workplaces worldwide, people are thinking even less about their media and more about how to keep operations afloat. However, as the number of people working from home increases, the need for a way to sustain and recover critical business files becomes a prevalent concern for all organizations.

Devices in Use at Home and the Office

When people work remotely, they may have a separate laptop or other computer that is used strictly for business purposes. Other employees may be using personal computers or tablets to complete their tasks. While desktop computers, laptops, and tablets are the primary devices where work is completed, external devices also come into play. 

Employees store work files from their office computer on external media to transfer home. Common external devices include:

  • USB Flash Drives
  • External Hard Drives
  • SD Cards
  • Mobile Phones

No matter what devices an employee uses in the office, or at home, data loss is an eventual disaster that happens to all media types. Working from these devices at home means there isn’t a dedicated IT team in the next office over. When this media fails, employees need a certified solution to get their data back so they don’t lose precious time in their business operations. That’s when a data recovery company becomes a vital tool for working remotely.

Common Failure Scenarios

The same failure scenarios that happen in the office can happen while at home. Some of the most common include: human error, natural disasters, file corruption, and general wearing out of internal parts. 

Human error can include accidentally deleting files or clicking on a malicious email thinking it was from a trusted employee, only to have it corrupt your files. Natural disasters may seem unlikely, but even a power surge caused by a thunderstorm can cause you to lose vital data. 

Electronic devices are not designed to last forever, and media like hard drives, SD cards, and more will eventually fail due to age or broken parts. In any of these failure scenarios, you wouldn’t want to be without a solution that can keep your business on track, even from separate locations.

Certified and Professional Data Recovery 

Data loss is hard enough, but during a global pandemic, it becomes an even more difficult situation. You rely on the media you have to keep you connected to co-workers and give you a platform to complete your work projects. When data is lost, deleted, or inaccessible due to user error or a damaged computer, a trusted data recovery company can return your files with limited downtime to ensure your business operations don’t come to a halt.

Secure Data Recovery is continuing to work on damaged devices in our Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanrooms amid the virus outbreak. We take the highest precautions when dealing with your media and our SSAE 18 Type II Certification ensures your data privacy throughout the process. When your data is sent back to you, it will be returned on our hardware encrypted storage media, offering complete protection for your critical business information. 

Call Secure Data Recovery at 1-800-388-1266 on our 24/7 phone line. We will be there for remote workers and individuals alike during this outbreak to help with your data loss needs.

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