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Desktop and Laptop Data Recovery

Desktop and Laptop Data Recovery

If you cannot read files from a hard drive and you don't have an up-to-date backup, you need help from experienced experts. Our blog provides data recovery tips and tricks for all types of laptop and desktop hard drives.

fire damaged drives

How SecureData Recovery Handles Burned Hard Drives.

Data Recovery on a Fire Damaged Hard Drive For the most part, a majority of material goods can be repaired, replaced and are covered by insurance when a fire happens. Unfortunately, there are times when family photos, videos, and more

a blush screen of coding errors is in the background of text that reads What to Do if Your Computer Crashes

What to do if your Computer Crashes

Whether it be an unsettling clicking sound or even worse-total unresponsive silence, the signs of a computer crash are hard to miss. Upon realizing that a computer has crashed, many people focus all efforts on what to do next. Panic

Pennies on the Dollar

How Much will it Cost to Replace Your Data?

For businesses that sometimes forget that dollars aren't the only measurable asset in their business, let's review the value of data and how much it would cost to replace it. From a cost standpoint alone, what data should you have Secure Data Recovery recover for you? The answer of course, is all of it, except for the data you absolutely don't care to ever see again.

A Laptop in Water

UK Flood Victims Need Reliable Resource for Data Recovery

Creating accurate flood damage estimates can be difficult, especially when factoring in the costs of flood-related data loss. Hard drives, RAID servers and other devices are extremely susceptible to water damage, and flood waters can prevent computer users from accessing important files by damaging storage media.

A Laptop Sitting on a Desk

Top Five Features To Look For In A New Gaming Laptop

One of the most exciting aspects of the new PC gaming market is the removal of the imaginary desktop tether. Gone are the days when a PC gaming enthusiast was require to stay home near a large, stationary box or was forced to carry a 25 pound computer to a friend’s home. Now, true gaming laptops are available and easily accessible.

The Hassle of That One Missing Folder

The Hassle of That One Missing Folder

Nancy's old computer crashed and the hard drive just quit spinning. Everything that made Nancy's office efficient was in the Nancy folder and now that folder was trapped on a dead hard drive. After a few days, everyone began to notice that important templates, form letters, and other obscure pieces of information were no longer available. The Nancy folder doesn't have to be lost forever. It's all still there. Here are the important steps you need to take to recover the data.

7 Stages of Grief for Hard Drive Failure

7 Stages of Grief for Hard Drive Failure

ard drives are not equipment—they are pieces of our lives. There are those who see their hard drives as more than storage units, but as homes for all their photos, personal documents, writing, and games. Other than being extremely frustrating, hard drive failure is a huge loss. It may take time for you to come to terms with your lost data. Your recovery process may go something like this

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