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Database Data Recovery

Database Data Recovery

Exchange, MySQL, Access, DB2 and other database management systems power many of the world's largest businesses. This part of our blog gives an overview of the techniques and technologies used to recover damaged, corrupt, and unreadable databases.

3 Common SQL Server Security Issues and How to Prevent Them

3 Common SQL Server Security Issues and How to Prevent Them

When you install an SQL database, you do it with the hope that the system will work well. However, at one point or another, the users will almost always experience challenges. The most basic challenges to proactively address are security

5 Biggest Mistakes in Data Recovery and How to Avoid Them

Hard drive crashes never happen at convenient times. Crashes notoriously occur during those last-minute, late-night preparation sessions for an important meeting or presentation. Panic sets in and people feel an urge to fix the problem themselves. Do-it-yourself (DIY) retrieval of

Distributed Database Concept

MS SQL: 16 Steps To Set Up Automated Backups

The data stored in a company’s database can be the most important resource available to that company and it’s protection should be a high priority. The first step to providing adequate protection is to institute an automated backup plan. By taking the frequency of the backup plan out of the hands of employees, a company can limit the amount of human error that could compromise valuable company resources.

Database Choices

Picking The Right Type Of Database For Your Business: NoSQL vs. RDBMS

Currently, there are two types of database systems that are considered to be head and shoulders above any other style: NoSQL and RDBMS. Each style has it’s benefits and it’s shortcomings and knowing which works best for your implementation will mean the difference between a hassle-free operation and headache waiting to happen.

SQL Database Concept

Top Reasons Why Your Business Database Security Fails

The question is no longer if a customer’s data will be hacked but how long until the breech in security occurs and how best to mitigate the damage. Many of the most damaging database violations occur because simple security steps were not taken or warning signs were not acted upon. Four of the most egregious security lapses are easily remedied with proactive management and basic due-diligence

Database Recovery

How to Recover Corrupted Database Files

Database files often play an important role in day-to-day business activities, and sudden file corruption can greatly affect your team's productivity. Corruption can occur due to operating system errors, RDBMS application crashes, sudden power losses or physical media failures.

IT Engineer

Avoiding Database Loss and Downtime After Server Failures

Downtime avoidance and disaster recovery are established fields in server administration, and building a system with high availability can take enormous investments. Nevertheless, if you understand the basic factors that affect downtime, you can start to form an effective plan for your business.

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