SecureRecovery for Windows


  • SecureRecovery for Windows helps to recover files from logically damaged Windows and Mac OS X volumes.

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    Demo version comes with free undelete and unformat for the unlimited number of small files (up to 256KB each). If you have lost or damaged small documents or pictures you may end up solving the problem and pay nothing!

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Compatible with:

OS Compatibility:
This software was developed to work with a recent Microsoft Windows operating systems, including Windows 10, 8, 7, 2000, XP, Vista, 2003 Server, 2008 or 2012 Server .

How it works?


Download and try a free Demo version of this data recovery software with full capabilities.


Once the software is loaded it will scan through the media searching for lost files and folders. The found data can be browsed and previewed before the extraction.

Repair & Recover

Once diagnostics is complete, the software extracts recovered files and folders

SecureRecovery for Windows

Losing data can be devastating, and recovering it can be expensive. Before taking your computer or storage media to a professional in-lab recovery service, try recovering the data yourself using our SecureRecovery for Windows software.

Examples of logical damage: deleted files, virus attack, file system corruption, re-formatted or re-partitioned drives.


As a data recovery software tool, SecureRecovery for Windows is both effective and easy to use. You can download, install, and run the software using a free trial. SecureRecovery for Windows will analyze the selected media and tell you what data can be recovered so you know exactly what to expect. If the files you need show up, you can buy the full license to recover them.

Supported platforms, media, issues, and file systems are listed below:

  • Platforms: Windows XP or newer, both 32- and 64-bit versions
  • Media Types: HDD, SSD, Flash, and binary image files
  • Data Issues: Deleted file or folder, damaged partition table layout, lost partitions, corrupted file system metadata, or reformatted file system
  • File Systems: NTFS (including compressed and EFS encrypted data), HFS/HFS+, FAT16/32, and exFAT

Before recovering files, SecureRecovery for Windows analyzes the condition of your media and lets you know whether running a software-based recovery is safe. Our software can create a binary image of the media and load an image for recovery.

Users will also benefit from the following features:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Ability to try before you buy
  • Comprehensive algorithms for data analysis and recovery
  • Preview of recoverable files
  • Media health analysis
  • Media imaging support

System Requirements

For SecureRecovery for Windows to run properly, you will need a PC with Windows XP or newer. Keep in mind that Windows 7 or newer is recommended. You also need local administrator privileges to run the program and enough available space to save the recovered data.


SecureRecovery for Windows is designed to address logical-level corruption and cannot recover data from devices that are physically damaged. When using this software, make sure you do not install the software on the media being recovered or store the recovered files on that media. Some data might be unrecoverable; run the free trial first to make sure SecureRecovery for Windows will work for you.

Chances of success vary depending on the situation. For instance, data written to the media after the initial damage or corruption makes the original data more difficult to recover.

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Try Before You Buy

Download and Try the software before you purchase.

Recovery for lost data, Undelete and Unformat is free in Demo Mode for the unlimited number of small files (up to 256 KB in size each)

Fast Instant Results

See results in real-time once the software is ran.

Easy to Use Interface

SecureRecovery software provides intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows any user to easily and quickly recover lost data.​

What is data recovery?

When a computer or storage device becomes damaged or corrupted, the data on it might become inaccessible through normal means. Data recovery is the process of salvaging this data so the user can access it.

In what situations can SecureRecovery for Windows help?

SecureRecovery for Windows can help you recover data when a file or folder has been deleted, partitions have been lost, or a file system has been reformatted or corrupted.

The software will not start properly or crashes immediately. What should I do?

First, try uninstalling and reinstalling the software. If this does not resolve the problem, you will need to contact tech support.

Does the software update automatically?

No; the only way to update your SecureRecovery for Windows software is to download the newer version from our website and install it manually.

I use my drive with Windows and Mac systems at the same time. Will SecureRecovery for Windows work for me?

Yes; this software supports file systems used by both Mac OS and Microsoft Windows.

What if all the file system metadata is gone?

Even if all the file system metadata has been overwritten, you might still be able to recover your data using the "file-signature scavenge" method. In this method, the SecureRecovery for Windows software attempts to extract files based on their unique signatures. This can work well for pictures and office documents, but it is less effective with lost folder structures and file names.

What is the difference between the "Quick File Search" and "Full Scan" options?

The quick file search only scans existing file system metadata and takes a few minutes. The full scan, on the other hand, scans every byte of the drive or partition, which could take hours. The full scan produces the most complete results, however, including a file-signature scavenge.

How can I get better results?

Our software is designed to provide the best result possible given the file system metadata left on your media. However, you can increase the odds of success by not running any OS-provided integrity check or file system repair tools (such as chkdsk.exe for Windows) and by not writing any new data to the affected media. If you can't recover your data using SecureRecovery for Windows, you can still use a professional in-lab data recovery service.

I purchased the software but still have not received the registration key?

Online orders processed though our secure automated servers receive an automatically generated license key which is sent to the e-mail account specified on the ordering page. Generally this process takes from a few minutes up to 24 hours to complete.

If you do not receive our e-mail within 3 hours, please check the following:

You entered the correct e-mail address when placing the order.

Your spam filter allows our domain

You can also contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to re-send your registration key.

I'm getting an error message that states that registration key is invalid?

This error appears when the product key you have entered is typed incorrectly or entered into the wrong product.

Please take the following actions to correct this message:

Make sure that your key is typed in correctly.

Make sure that your key is for the correct product title or family.

Please make sure that the key is for the correct language of the product

If all the above fail to remedy the situation you may also contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to re-send your registration key.