Frequently Asked Questions About USB Flash Data Recovery

Flash-based devices provide data storage with a small form factor, excellent shock resistance and fast transfer speeds. Secure Data Recovery Services has invested heavily in flash media recovery technology, and we proudly offer services for all solid-state digital storage devices.

Data Recovery Services Frequently Asked Questions

Flash memory provides dependable storage, and our teams can quickly recover data from USB drives, camera cards and other flash devices.

Below are some of the most common questions that we receive regarding flash media and our data recovery procedures. View our answers by clicking on any of the questions. If you need more information or if you would like to schedule a free evaluation for your flash device, call us today at 1-800-388-1266.

  • Q:What tools do data recovery companies use when treating USB drives?

    Our teams have access to a number of tools including special firmware repair stations, which can re-write information on USB flash drives to restore functionality to damaged media. We also have hardware that allows our engineers to directly access information on flash media chips, and our certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom gives our engineers a safe working environment during physical repair procedures.

    Software is also important. We regularly invest in research and development in order to create new file utilities optimized for various file formats. Secure Data Recovery Services offers an overall success rate of over 96 percent.

  • Q:How much does USB data recovery cost?

    While costs vary from one case to the next, USB data recovery is usually very affordable. USB flash drives are less complex than hard drives, solid-state drives and other high-density devices. However, the extent of file corruption and media damage can play a major role in the data recovery process.

    Secure Data Recovery Services offers risk-free diagnostics for all flash drives. We can analyse your USB drive at any of our facilities in order to provide you with a detailed price quote and turnaround estimate.

  • Q:Can I re-solder my USB drive to recover my own data?

    While this is technically possible in some cases, we strongly discourage any attempt to recover your own media. Minor soldering mistakes can significantly increase your chances of permanent data loss. Furthermore, flash boards and chips are rarely cross-compatible, so you should never attempt to solder a broken drive to a new USB connector.

    For the best possible results, keep the broken components of your drive in a safe, dry place and contact our customer service team to set up an in-office evaluation.

  • Q:Can I use data recovery software on my USB flash drive?

    Data recovery software can contribute to file corruption and permanently overwrite data. While there are dozens of paid utilities available for USB drive file recovery, we do not recommend any of these tools. You should get assistance from a professional data recovery company to prevent potential file damage.

  • Q:How long does USB data recovery take?

    Turnaround times vary from case to case. Secure Data Recovery Services has an expert staff of flash media specialists, and our flexible service options help you keep your downtime under control.

    We are one of the only providers with a same-day 24/7/365 emergency option, which we offer through our expansive network of offices. Our customer service team can give you a detailed overview of our turnaround options.

  • Q:Can Secure Data Recovery Services treat file corruption on a USB drive?

    Yes. File corruption is a common cause of data loss on USB flash drives, and we have developed a number of specialized utilities to treat corruption effectively. Our engineers also have experience with all common file formats and operating systems, which allows for faster, safer treatment.

    If your USB drive has file corruption or if you cannot access data for any other reason, contact our team today to set up an evaluation.