VS80 Tape Data Recovery Services

Secure Data Recovery Services offers data tape repair, file recovery and related media services for VS80 media, including DLT 4000, DLT1 and DLT tape IV. With years of experience with the Digital Linear Tape and advanced recovery tools designed for all popular backup applications, we offer an exceptional set of options for all types of VS80 media.

VS80 Tape Data Recovery

Our teams can safely treat any Digital Linear Tape regardless of format or failure scenario.

The VS80 is Quantum's last DLTIV tape drive, offering a tape capacity of 40 gigabytes and data transfer rates as high as 8 megabytes per second. Like other DLT drives, it is extremely reliable; the VS-80 drive has a 200,000-hour mean time before failure (MTBF) rating.DLT IV media was designed for dependable data backup, and the VS80 offers a tremendous return on investment for businesses with demanding data storage systems.

As is the case with any digital tape-based storage device, however, data loss can occur with VS80 media. DLT IV tapes can retain data for 30 years in perfect storage conditions, but high humidity, exposure to sunlight and high temperatures can accelerate oxide loss and tape decay.

Other causes of data loss on VS80 media include:

  • Impact-Related Physical Damage
  • Tape Tears, Breaks, Folds and Stretching
  • Unspooling or Broken Spooling Components
  • Damage Caused by Malfunctioning VS80 Drive
  • Damage from Smoke, Fire, Water or Humidity
  • Overwrites and Tape Deletion

Tape failures can affect your business, and you need a fast, capable data tape repair company to avoid downtime. Secure Data Recovery Services gives you exceptional results. Our tape engineers have the tools and expertise to treat virtually any tape failure, and we give you an easy way to shape our service options to your business. Call us today to set up an evaluation for your VS80 media.

Secure VS80 Tape Data Recovery and Repair Services

Whether or not your tape displays recognizable failure symptoms, you need to take care when you cannot access data. DLT IV media is sensitive to sunlight and airborne contaminants, so you should never attempt to repair your own tapes. Contact a secure tape repair company as quickly as possible for the best possible chances of a successful outcome.

At Secure Data Recovery Services, our engineers use the latest technology to treat VS80 media. This includes a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, a library of working tape drives and proprietary tools designed specifically for the DLT tape series. We also invest in our facilities to show our commitment to higher security standards in our industry; we have a full SSAE 18 Type II certification and a number of other credentials.

Secure Data Recovery Services provides a no recovery, no charge guarantee with every VS80 tape data recovery case. If our teams cannot regain access to critically important files, you will not pay a service charge. We also offer flexible case options including our 24/7 same-day service, and our customer service team is always ready to help you find an appropriate option for your business.

The VS80 Tape Data Recovery Process

We offer free media diagnostics for all DLT tape media, including the DLT IV, and our engineers typically complete tape diagnostics within several days under our standard service option. We send our clients a diagnostic report with a price quote, turnaround estimate and a failure analysis. Our clients then decide whether or not to approve a recovery. If the recovery is approved, our engineers treat physical media issues in a safe environment, then transfer your data over a secure network.

Our teams then treat logical problems with proprietary software and specialized data recovery techniques. We have experience with all common backup applications and encryption algorithms, and we can recover most tapes within several days.

Advantages of our VS80 tape data recovery services:

  • No Recovery, No Charge Policy for All DLT Media
  • Support for All VS80 Cartridges
  • High Success Rates and Advanced, Proprietary Technology
  • An Excellent Set of Certifications for Numerous Security Standards

Secure Data Recovery Services offers VS80 tape recovery through more than two dozen offices across the United States. Thanks to our exceptional security controls and our high success rates, we are uniquely qualified to treat damaged DLT media, and we can provide you with a risk-free media evaluation to help you get started. Contact our 24/7 customer service team for more information.