DLT-VS160 Tape Data Recovery Services

Secure Data Recovery Services operates dozens of offices across the country, and we are proud to offer reliable data tape repair and recovery for DLT VS1, DLT1 and DLT VS80 media. Our teams have experience with virtually every major tape format, and our advanced tools ensure dependable recovery rates for all high-capacity DLT cartridges.

DLT-VS160 Tape Data Recovery

By maintaining functional VS160 tape drives, we offer efficient turnarounds for all Digital Linear Tape cartridge formats.

The VS160 tape drive was the first device capable of reading VS1 tapes, an upgrade to the popular DLT IV tape format. With VS1 media, VS160 drives offered a relatively large native tape capacity of 80GB and a compressed capacity of up to 160GB. The VS160 offers exceptional reliability in data backup or archiving applications, and many businesses adopted the format for these purposes.

The estimated archive storage life of a DLT VS1 tape is 30 years, and the tapes support 10,000 load/unload cycles. As such, the chances of permanent data loss due to oxide issues and component decay are fairly low for VS160 media unless the tapes are stored improperly.

Some factors that can accelerate VS160 cartridge decay include:

  • Exposure to Sunlight
  • Extreme Temperatures
  • Regular Read/Write Access
  • Excessive Humidity

Additionally, VS1 tapes can break due to physical impact and tape drive malfunctions. Tapes are sometimes accidentally overwritten, and permanent mid-file errors can prevent a normal read. In any of these scenarios, businesses often need a way to safely restore lost VS160 data without risking security issues.

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we recognize the importance of fast results and excellent security. Our DLT-VS160 tape data recovery services feature a no recovery, no charge guarantee, and as the first company in our industry with a SSAE 18 Type II certification, we maintain strict standards when handling backup media. We also offer free media evaluations and case diagnostics for all VS160 cartridges to give our clients fast, dependable service. Contact us today to get started.

Advanced Tools for DLT-VS160 Tape Data Recovery

Although VS1 media is more reliable than older generations of DLT tape, it is environmentally sensitive. Any magnetic materials can become damaged when exposed to unfiltered air for long periods of time, and data recovery engineers need to work in an appropriate laboratory environment in order to give each case the best possible chances of success.

If you cannot read a VS160 cartridge, eject it immediately and turn off your tape drive. Store your tape in a safe place and do not attempt to recover your own data for any reason. Your drive may present a number of error codes or LED indicators; make a note of these symptoms, if and when they occur. Our engineers can use error logs and failure indicators when diagnosing data loss, which can allow for faster case processing.

Secure Data Recovery Services performs VS160 media recovery procedures in a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, and we use state-of-the-art tools to repair z-folds, tears, heat-related damage and other physical issues while maintaining the integrity of your media. Our engineers then treat logical issues, drawing from our experience with various backup applications to provide the best possible copy of the data.

Features of our DLT-VS160 tape data recovery services:

  • No Service Fees if We Cannot Recover Your Data
  • 96 Percent Success Rate
  • Online Case Tools and 24/7 Support

We treat every VS160 case as a high priority due to the critical nature of backup media, and our teams offer low average turnaround times. We offer a selection of turnaround options. Our 24/7/365 same-day emergency option gives you fast service with perfect security, and because each of our services includes a no recovery, no fee guarantee, you can minimize your risks while quickly restoring important files.

What to Do When a VS160 Tape Cartridge Fails

Secure Data Recovery Services offers free diagnostics for all Digital Linear Tapes, including VS1 tape cartridges and other VS160 media. As mentioned above, DLT cartridges are extremely susceptible to contamination; for the best possible results, you should contact us to set up a tape evaluation as soon as you notice signs of data loss.

Whether you need to recover data from a single damaged VS1 or from an entire library of DLT media, Secure Data Recovery Services has the tools and experience to help you keep your business running. We maintain perfect compliance with various security standards while treating your case, and thanks to our overall success rate of 96 percent, your cartridges will always receive the best possible treatment. Set up DLT data recovery diagnostics by speaking with a tape data recovery expert today.