Travan Tape Data Cartridge Recovery Services

Secure Data Recovery Services offers data repair for all cartridges in the Travan line. Our engineers have years of direct experience with various 8mm tape formats and understand the challenges of working with data tape cartridges. We use a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom and the best available security practices to provide you with reliable, consistent results.

Travan Tape Data Recovery

We specialize in 8mm tape data recovery and offer flexible services for the Travan format.

Travan is one of the most popular 8mm data tape formats. It was created by 3M in the late 1990s, and like many tapes of the time, it uses a linear recording technology to provide a significant storage capacity. The Travan family includes the TR-1, TR-2, TR-3, TR-4, NS20/TR-5 and the TR-7, which varied in native capacity from 400MB to 20GB.

While Travan cartridges are fairly reliable, data loss is an ongoing problem for users due to a lack of any built-in data verification system.

Some of the most common causes of data loss for Travan cartridges include:

  • Physical Drive Malfunction Resulting in Tape Damage
  • Oxide Loss
  • Tape Tearing and Snapping
  • Impact-Related Damage to Plastic Components
  • Overwritten Data
  • Data Corruption Caused by Hardware or Software Errors
  • Media Contamination
  • Fire, Smoke or Water Damage
  • Tape Slippage

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we offer free media diagnostics for Travan tapes to give you risk-free access to an accurate turnaround estimate and price quote. With more than 40 facilities across the United States, we provide a local, dedicated resource for professional data tape repair. To schedule diagnostics at an office near you, contact our customer service team today.

What to Do When a Travan Tape Cartridge Fails

Travan cartridges have a data density of up to 96,000 flux transitions per inch, and minor contaminants can seriously affect a tape drive's ability to read data. When a cartridge has physical issues that prevent a normal read, it needs to be treated in a completely sterile environment to ensure a successful recovery. You should never attempt to repair or restore Travan tape cartridges on your own, as you might accidentally contribute to media damage.

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we always perform physical component repairs in a Certified Class 10 ISO Cleanroom, which provides essential protection from airborne contaminants. Our teams use a number of specialized tools to restore your tape cartridges to a working condition, at which point they can treat logical data issues.

Data corruption is an issue with Travan cartridges since Travan drives do not automatically verify data. Cartridges can also suffer from permanent mid-file errors and accidental overwrites, and in order to successfully treat damaged Travan cartridges, engineers need substantial experience with the format and with common backup applications such as Sytos, Backup Exec and NetBackup.

Our teams regularly perform Travan tape data recovery, and we use proprietary software utilities to treat data loss issues effectively. We recover most data within a matter of days under our standard service option, and our high-priority 24/7/365 Travan tape recovery service has an average turnaround of less than one day per tape.

Each of our Travan tape data recovery services features a no recovery, no charge guarantee. If our teams cannot restore your most important files, you will not pay a service charge.

Professional Resources for Travan Tape Data Recovery

Travan tape cartridges often store sensitive data, and as the first tape data recovery company to earn a SSAE 18 Type II Certification, we fully protect your files while performing our services. We also maintain compliance with federal privacy laws.

Other advantages of Secure Data Recovery Services:

  • A No Recovery, No Charge Guarantee and No-Risk Diagnostics
  • Easy Access with More than 40 Facilities Across the United States
  • Proprietary Technology Designed for Travan Tape Data Recovery
  • Overall Success Rates of 96 Percent
  • Excellent Resources for RAID Repair, RAID Data Recovery and More

Secure Data Recovery Services' no-risk media diagnostics give you an excellent way to assess the potential costs of data recovery without unnecessary expenses. By analyzing your media, we can quickly provide a price quote, turnaround estimates and other key information to help you decide how to proceed. We can restore any number of tapes while avoiding unnecessary downtime, and our teams always use excellent security controls to protect recovered data. To get started, call our customer service team today to speak with a Travan tape repair expert.