Sony AIT-2 Tape Data Recovery Services

Secure Data Recovery Services offers data tape repair and recovery for all Sony AIT formats including the AIT-2. Our engineers have years of combined experience with 8mm media and common backup applications. We use advanced tools to restore missing or damaged data, fully recovering most cases in a matter of days. Whether you need to restore a single tape, a series of cartridges or an entire archival library, our flexible services give you an excellent way to keep your business running smoothly.

Sony AIT-2 Tape Data Recovery

Our tape engineers have significant experience with every AIT format and can safely treat AIT-2 cartridges.

The second generation of Sony's Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) format doubled the storage capacity of the AIT-1 to a maximum native 50GB. For many businesses, this made the AIT-2 a serious tool for archival data storage, and additional features like WORM support cemented the AIT-2's reputation.

While Sony eventually discontinued the AIT in favor of Super DLT, DDS and other formats, AIT-2 cartridges are still fairly common. The tapes offer exceptional reliability when properly stored, and Sony's AIT tape drives help to prevent logical issues through data verification.

Advantages of our AIT-2 tape data recovery services include:

  • No Recovery, No Charge Guarantee
  • SSAE 18 Type II Security Certification
  • Proprietary AIT-2 Data Recovery Technology
  • Physical Media Repairs in a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom
  • Multiple Service Options, 24/7 Customer Service and More

When you need fast, effective data tape repair, Secure Data Recovery Services can help. Contact us today to set up a media evaluation or for more information.

What to Do When an AIT-2 Cartridge Fails

Data cartridges can fail due to tape breaks, folds, drive malfunctions, or for a number of other reasons. Other common causes of data loss include smoke damage, water damage, permanent mid-file errors, impact damage, and failed MIC and R-MIC components. AIT-2 tapes use AME technology to resist oxidation, but users still need to exercise caution to keep tape cartridges from losing data.

Do not attempt to repair any damaged AIT-2 cartridge, as you could accidentally contribute to contamination issues. Store your tape in a cool, dry place until you can contact a professional data recovery company.

Factors that can affect data recovery costs and turnaround time include:

  • Backup Application Used to Write Data
  • Tape Compression Ratio
  • Extent of Physical Damage
  • Presence of Permanent File Errors and Data Corruption
  • Damage from Smoke, Fire and Water
  • Extent of Tape Oxide Loss

Secure Data Recovery Services offers free diagnostics for all AIT tape cartridges. After analyzing your media, we will provide a no-risk evaluation report with a price and turnaround quote, which you can use to decide on a service option. We use the same state-of-the-art techniques when treating every AIT-2 tape case.

The Sony AIT-1 and AIT-2 store write data using helical scan technology, which allows for high storage capacities. The heads of helical scan tape drives are fragile, and tape recovery specialists need to exercise care when performing repairs.

Secure Data Recovery Services leads the industry in tape repair technology, and we treat every case in a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which prevents contaminants from contacting tape. We also have a number of proprietary tools that allow for efficient results, and we use SSAE 18 Type II certified security procedures when handling recovered data.

Flexible Options for AIT-2 Tape Data Recovery

As tape backups often contain critical files, businesses often need fast data recovery in order to avoid downtime. We offer several priority options for AIT-2 tape recovery, including our excellent 24/7/365 emergency service. We complete most emergency tape cases within a day by devoting a team of tape specialists to give each cartridge around-the-clock attention.

With advanced technology and best-in-class security, Secure Data Recovery Services gives you an excellent set of resources for AIT-2 tape data recovery. All of our service options come with a no recovery, no charge guarantee, and thanks to our flexible turnaround options and risk-free standard diagnostics, you can customize our services for your business. To start a case and start an evaluation, contact our customer service team today.