Open Reel Tape Data Recovery Services

Secure Data Recovery Services is one of the few companies in the United States qualified to handle open reel data recovery cases. We use certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom technology, legacy hardware and state-of-the-art tools to provide services for all open reels, including those associated with IBM System 360 mainframes.

Open Reel and Tape Cartridge Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services' engineering teams can treat all open reel formats without risking media damage or security issues.

While tape cartridges have been a popular data storage option since the early 1980s, open reels were the most popular medium for large systems for several decades. Eventually, modern cartridges like the IBM 3480 offered similar storage capacities with better data transfer speeds and safer construction.

Businesses and government institutions occasionally need to read data from 9-tracks, 7-tracks and other open reel archival media, usually as part of a tape migration project. Unfortunately, all magnetic media degrades over time, losing oxide and important data in the process.

We have experience with all open reel formats, including:

  • 7-track Tape
  • 9-track Tape
  • 3480 Tape
  • 3490 Tape
  • 3570 Tape
  • 3590 Tape
  • 9840 Tape
  • IBM Tivoli TSM Tape

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not charge for standard data recovery diagnostics, even on older reel-to-reel systems, and we offer several service levels to meet our clients' varying turnaround time needs. Our 24/7/365 same-day open reel data recovery services allow you to restore important systems in a matter of hours. Contact our customer service team today to get started.

Advanced Technology for Open Reel Data Recovery

Due to their advanced age and the relative scarcity of working mainframe hardware, open reels present several challenges for tape data recovery companies. Engineers need to be familiar with the read/write procedures of older systems, including the location of parity information. They also need a working knowledge of the various mechanical components in older systems, since physical repairs are usually inevitable.

Secure Data Recovery Services is the world's most advanced data tape repair provider. We treat all reel systems in a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, and our engineers have worked extensively with all tape systems. We draw from decades of combined experience to deliver the best possible results in every case.

Many tape systems contain private data, and security is a major priority at our facilities. Secure Data Recovery Services was the first open reel data recovery company to earn certification under strict SSAE 18 Type II standards, and we hold a number of other security and compliance certifications. We can also provide custom security upon request; call for more information.

What to Do When an Open Reel Backup Tape Fails

Open reel tapes can fail for a number of reasons, and you need to take exceptional care when handling damaged media to avoid accidental damage. Note any failure symptoms and shut your system down as soon as possible.

Some of the most common causes of data loss on open reel and reel-to-reel data systems include:

  • Physical Damage Due to Impact and Stress
  • Tape Tears, Folds and Spooling Issues
  • Mainframe Failure or Inaccessibility
  • Heat-Related Damage
  • Smoke and Water-Related Damage
  • Accidental Overwrites
  • Oxide Loss and Tape Decay

Because reel-to-reel systems can degrade rapidly when exposed to untreated environments, we do not recommend attempting any data recovery procedures outside of a certified Cleanroom. Always choose an experienced data recovery company that has experience with legacy systems.

Secure Data Recovery Services offers the best resources for professional tape repair, data recovery, tape transfer and tape migration for open-reel and reel-to-reel systems. We offer free media evaluations with our standard services in order to provide your business with a free, accurate estimate of turnaround time and cost, and we back all of our services with a no recovery, no charge guarantee. With more than 40 facilities across the United States, we provide easy local access for your business. To start a case or to speak with a tape data recovery specialist, call Secure Data Recovery Services today.