Mammoth Tape Data Recovery and Repair Services

Secure Data Recovery Services offers data tape repair for all Data8 tape formats, including the Mammoth AME and Mammoth AME with SmartClean. Our engineers have years of experience with popular backup applications, and we treat all media in a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom for fast turnaround times and the best possible recovery results.

Mammoth Tape Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services is one of the only companies qualified to treat physically damaged Mammoth tape media.

Mammoth and Mammoth-2 tape drives supported the last generations of the Data8 format, which used helical scan technology to provide fast data transfer speeds and relatively large storage capacities. Exabyte created the Mammoth format, and while Mammoth and Mammoth-2 were a popular and affordable alternative to other data storage tape formats of the late 1990s, the format eventually lost ground to other options such as AIT and SDLT.

Many businesses still use Mammoth tape drives or occasionally need to read Mammoth Data8 tapes. In perfect storage conditions, Mammoth tapes can last for decades, but exposure to sunlight, humidity and excessive heat can lead to premature tape decay and damage. 8mm tapes can also suffer damage from failing tape drive mechanisms and physical impact.

Common data loss scenarios for Mammoth cartridges include:

  • Heat Damage and Stretching
  • Snapped, Broken or Torn Tape
  • Damaged Plastic Components
  • Logical Issues Including Overwrites
  • Internal Cartridge Mechanism Failings
  • Fire, Smoke and Water Damage and More

We offer free media evaluations for all digital storage media. After receiving your Mammoth tapes, we can provide a no-risk price quote, turnaround estimate and an analysis of the failure. Because we use best practices to maintain data security and media safety, you get qualified, affordable service from a trusted Mammoth tape data recovery provider. Contact Secure Data Recovery Services today to set up an evaluation at one of our facilities.

Security Procedures and Compliance Certifications

Mammoth tape cartridges have a native capacity of up to 60 gigabytes, and businesses often use the cartridges to create full backups of important databases or systems. Media failures can result in unexpected downtime, and unfortunately, most Data8 cartridges do not present notable physical symptoms before failing.

If you cannot read data from a Mammoth cartridge, you should eject it from your tape drive immediately and store it in a safe place. Never attempt to re-spool or repair your tape, as this might cause additional media damage.

Our team can help you create an effective strategy for your case while protecting your media. We offer several service levels including our same-day 24/7/365 emergency services, and whether you need fast access to a single cartridge or replication of an entire tape archive, our laboratory provides the results you need to keep your servers and storage systems operational.

High Success Rates for Mammoth Tape Data Recovery

The Mammoth format presents several challenges for data recovery engineers. Because of the small form factor and the relative density of 8mm tape, engineers need to work in a completely clean and sterile environment in order to avoid tape contamination.

To ensure the best chances of a complete recovery, we treat every Data 8 tape in a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which protects media from airborne contaminants. Our engineers treat physical tape damage by repairing or replacing damaged components, and then transfer recovered data to specialized computers outfitted with proprietary data recovery software.

Because we have experience with Backup Express, NetBackup, Microsoft Backup and dozens of other popular backup applications, we can treat logical issues efficiently. We offer an outstanding overall success rate of 96 percent, and our engineers follow SSAE 18 Type II certified security procedures when handling recovered data.

Our Mammoth tape data recovery services provide:

  • Free Diagnostics for Standard Tape Cases
  • Secure Media Repairs in a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom
  • No Recovery, No Charge Guarantee
  • Easy Access with More than 40 Facilities Across the United States

With flexible service options and state-of-the-art technology, Secure Data Recovery Services gives you an effective way to restore any damaged Mammoth cartridge while controlling costs and downtime. All of our service options feature excellent security and a no recovery, no charge guarantee. For more information or to schedule a free Mammoth data recovery analysis at one of our facilities, call our 24/7 customer service line today.