LTO-1 Tape Data Recovery Services

Secure Data Recovery Services offers a full set of data tape repair and transfer services for all formats in the LTO Ultrium family including LTO-1. Released in 2000, Linear Tape-Open 1 (LTO-1) tape cartridges could store 100GB of data native and up to 200GB compressed with data transfer rates of up to 40 megabytes per second.

LTO-1 Tape Data Recovery

Our engineers work in a certified environment to perform safe, effective repairs on LTO-1 cartridges.

As the first iteration of the LTO Ultrium format, LTO-1 quickly gained popularity with enterprise-level businesses for its high capacity relative to other formats. Subsequent generations of LTO Ultrium offered higher storage capacities and higher compression ratios, but many businesses still use LTO-1 or keep large archives using the format. LTO-1 tapes can be read with some later generation LTO drives and tape library storage systems such as the IBM® TS3500.

Some of the most common sources of data loss on LTO-1 tape cartridges include:

  • Age-Related Oxide Loss and Damage
  • Humidity Damage Resulting From Poor Storage Conditions
  • Water, Fire or Smoke Damage
  • Accidental Overwrites
  • Damage Due to Malfunctioning Tape Drive
  • Permanent Mid-File Errors That Prevent Transfers
  • Data Errors Related to Software
  • Damage from Extreme Temperatures
  • Impact Damage, Z-Folds and Other Physical Tape Issues

Many symptoms can accompany LTO-1 tape failures. Exact error messages will vary depending on your tape drive or archiving system, the nature of the error and the features of your backup software. On an original IBM® LTO-1 drive, for instance, an "error code 4" message indicates a firmware or read/write issue.

We offer free media diagnostics for all LTO-1 cases, allowing your business to evaluate the potential cost and turnaround time of data recovery before committing to our services. Secure Data Recovery Services also provides several turnaround levels for LTO-1 recovery, including industry-leading 24/7/365 emergency data recovery with an average case completion time of less than a day. Contact our customer service team today to get started or for more information.

What to Do When an LTO-1 Tape Cartridge Fails

As with the rest of the LTO Ultrium tape family, LTO-1 tapes are fairly reliable. LTO tape drives tend to resist physical issues, and when paired with an appropriate data backup program, LTO-1 tapes can provide dependable service for years. However, like any type of magnetic storage media, tapes can lose data under some circumstances. You need to take care to prevent accidental damage when handling damaged cartridges.

If you notice transfer errors on an LTO-1 tape, immediately shut down your device and do not attempt to read other tape cartridges until you can verify that the problem is with a single LTO-1 cartridge and not the drive itself.

Do not attempt to recover your data, especially if the magnetic tape of the LTO-1 cartridge has unspooled, torn or flipped. LTO-1 tapes have a thickness of only 8.9 µm, and a single piece of dust can contribute to read/write issues. By immediately ejecting your cartridge and shutting down your drive, you will ensure the best possible chances of a full recovery.

Secure Data Recovery Services treats all sensitive media in a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom. By working in a filtered, strictly controlled environment, our engineers can safely perform essential physical recovery procedures without risking media damage. We regularly invest in new technology and research, and our teams maintain an excellent success rate of over 96 percent.

An Advanced Source for LTO-1 Tape Data Recovery

Each LTO-1 cartridge can hold up to 200 gigabytes of data, and in most cases, this includes sensitive or protected information that can greatly affect your business. Secure Data Recovery Services has established a reputation as the industry's most reliable tape recovery company.

Advantages of our LTO-1 tape data recovery services:

  • Safe Tape Repairs in a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom
  • SSAE 18 Type II Certification and Other Security Credentials
  • Flexible Service Options and 24/7/365 Emergency Data Recovery
  • A No Recovery, No Charge Guarantee

All magnetic media degrade over time, and LTO-1 cartridge damage can become more severe in the weeks and months following a data loss event. We recommend scheduling a data recovery evaluation as quickly as possible to limit this damage.

Secure Data Recovery Services offers the best resources for LTO-1 tape data recovery. Our flexible service options help your business keep mission-critical systems up and running, and we are one of the only providers with advanced security credentials and a no recovery, no charge guarantee. We also offer a comprehensive set of additional services, including RAID repair, tape migration, hard drive data recovery and more. Call us today to start a case at one of our facilities or for more information.