IBM Tivoli TSM Tape Data Recovery Services

Secure Data Recovery Services offers a reliable resource for IBM Tivoli TSM tape data recovery and media repair. Whether you cannot access data due to media damage, accidental overwrites or for any other reason, our teams can provide the fast results that you need to keep mission-critical systems running.

IBM Tivoli TSM Tape Data Recovery

Our data recovery engineers work with the Tivoli TSM application on a regular basis and can provide fast results.

Part of IBM's popular TotalStorage suite, Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) is a capable backup tool with a built-in relational database. It supports hierarchical storage, and its cross-platform design makes it an excellent option for businesses with AIX, UNIX, Linux and Windows systems. Many system administrators prefer Tivoli for its relative ease-of-use and the excellent return on investment that it can provide for enterprise systems.

Tivoli Storage Manager can back up data to a number of different tape formats, and businesses often use this feature to create archives and to protect against server loss. While TSM effectively prevents logical data loss, tape cartridges can fail, leaving businesses without access to their systems after server failures.

We offer data tape repair services for all TSM-compatible cartridges including:

  • QIC
  • DLT and SDLT
  • MagStar
  • Digital Tape Format (Sony DTF)
  • 4mm and 8mm Tapes

We provide free media diagnostics for all tape media through offices across the United States. Contact our customer service team today to schedule a visit to one of our offices or for more information.

What to Do When a Tivoli Tape Backup Fails

Tape media can fail due to storage-related issues, tape drive/library mechanical failures and for a number of other reasons. In order to keep your media safe, you should not attempt to repair damaged cartridges. Eject your tape cartridges and keep them in a safe, dry location until you can speak with a qualified data recovery expert.

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we start each case with professional media diagnostics to evaluate the extent of media failure and to create an appropriate plan for a successful recovery.

Some common sources of physical failure for TSM tapes include:

  • Fire or Water Damage
  • Smoke Damage and Media Contamination
  • Flipped Tape
  • Broken or Damaged Tape
  • Stretched Tape
  • Broken Internal Tape Components
  • Age-Related Media Decay and Oxide Loss
  • Damage from Failed Tape Drives

Tivoli Storage Manager systems typically use modern tape formats such as the LTO Ultrium family. Our engineers have experience with all formats, including formats used by older TSM, ADSM and WDSF systems, and can capably navigate the architecture of Tivoli databases when necessary to perform logical recovery procedures.

Our tape specialists always work in an appropriately controlled environment when treating damaged data tape cartridges. Secure Data Recovery Services uses a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which is a controlled environment that eliminates airborne contaminants that could pose a threat to recovery. We offer an overall success rate of over 96 percent, and our flexible service options give you an easy way to keep your case within a set budget.

Secure Data Recovery Services offers a 24/7/365 emergency option for Tivoli TSM tape data recovery. We complete many emergency cases in less than a day. All of our service options include a no recovery, no charge guarantee.

A Secure Source for TSM Tape Data Recovery

Enterprise-level data systems need appropriate security controls. Secure Data Recovery Services complies with all federal laws and industry standards to provide peace of mind throughout the tape data recovery process and easier purchasing. We hold a SSAE 18 Type II certification and can work directly with your business to ensure perfect security.

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager is frequently used to protect large systems, and data loss situations often have serious consequences. Secure Data Recovery Services offers fast turnarounds thanks to the experience of our engineers and our state-of-the-art data recovery laboratories, and we provide a free turnaround estimate at the start of every case. To schedule free diagnostics or for more information, call our customer service team today.