Advanced HP Data Protector Data Recovery Solutions

Secure Data recovery Services provides data tape repair, recovery, transfer and migration services for all HP Data Protector formats.

HP Data Protector Tape Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services has specialized hardware and technology to quickly treat all Data Protector tape formats.

HP Data Protector is an extremely versatile backup program with cross-platform capabilities and impressive scalability. With a cell-based architecture and numerous features designed to improve redundancy and prevent corruption, Data Protector is a powerful tool for preventing data loss while ensuring strict security standards. However, even on a well-maintained tape storage system using Data Protector, physical failures and oxide loss can cause permanent data loss.

We offer HP Data Protector data recovery for LTO, AIT, SDLT, DAT, QIC, DDS, DLT and all other tape formats. Our engineers have experience with all common tape drives and file formats, and as one of the only data recovery providers with 24/7/365 emergency tape services, we offer a flexible and dependable set of data loss solutions.

Secure Data Recovery Services also offers free diagnostics for all data tape and cartridge formats. To get started, contact our customer service team today.

What to Do When a HP Data Protector Tape Fails

While HP Data Protector protects against some of the most common causes of data loss by using software-based verification, often in addition to hardware-based verification, failures can occur for a number of reasons. If you cannot read a backup tape, immediately eject the cartridge and store it in a safe location.

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we specialize in data tape repair. We start every case with a free media analysis in order to determine the cause of data loss and to provide our clients with a no-risk price quote and turnaround estimate.

Some of the most common data loss events for Data Protector media include:

  • Oxide Loss and Storage Issues Resulting in Tape Decay
  • Impact Damage from Drops or Mishandling
  • Tape Folds, Tears and Breaks
  • Fire, Smoke or Water Damage
  • Exposure to Sunlight
  • Tape Header Loss
  • File Corruption and Permanent Mid-File Errors

HP Data Protector is designed to reduce the complexity of data backup and restore procedures, and its unique architecture makes it a dependable choice for systems of all sizes. When a backup fails, however, businesses often need to restore access as quickly as possible to prevent unnecessary system downtime.

Our 24/7/365 emergency services are ideal for small to enterprise level businesses with an average turnaround of less than one day. Secure Data Recovery Services' tape specialists will work with your media around the clock, providing fast access to mission-critical applications and data.

Industry-Leading Technology for HP Tape Data Recovery

When choosing a tape data recovery company, you need a professional provider that uses strict media and network controls to protect the privacy of your data. Some UNIX based systems also require proprietary software and hardware to read and write data from certain VMS backup tapes, and data recovery providers need specialized equipment and knowledge to treat these cases safely.

Secure Data Recovery Services uses the best processes in the industry to keep media safe during tape restoration procedures. We operate a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, and our engineers have access to dozens of proprietary tools that allow for effective results. We also use SSAE 18 Type II certified security systems to protect your confidentiality throughout the process.

Other reasons to use our HP Data Protector tape data recovery services:

  • An Overall Success Rate of 96 Percent
  • Data Recovery Services for All Tape and Digital Device Formats
  • More Relevant Certifications Than Any Other Provider
  • No Data, No Charge Guarantee
  • Flexible Service Options

When you need fast, reliable HP Data Protector tape repair, Secure Data Recovery Services can help. We have the technology and the resources to restore your backups quickly, and our flexible case options give your business the freedom that it needs to ensure a great return on investment. Our team is ready to discuss case options and schedule a no-risk analysis for your media. Start your HP tape data recovery case today by contacting our 24/7 customer service team.