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Frequently Asked Questions About Tape Data Recovery

Many businesses use data tapes and cartridges as a part of their long-term backup strategies, and when these devices fail, they need immediate treatment from certified professionals. Secure Data Recovery Services' teams specialize in treating LTO, DLT, AIT and various other tape formats.

Data Recovery Services Frequently Asked Questions

Secure Data Recovery Services specializes in tape recovery, and this FAQ answers common questions regarding the case process.

This page has some of the most common questions that we receive regarding tape data recovery and repair. To see an answer, click on the corresponding question. You can also call our customer service team at 1-800-388-1266 for a fast, detailed response.

  • Q:Is tape data recovery expensive?

    We quote each case individually due to the large number of factors that affect the tape data recovery process. Costs vary depending on the tape format and failure scenario, but we offer a flexible set of affordable service options for our clients.

    Secure Data Recovery Services is one of the only data tape repair companies with 24/7/365 emergency services, and our standard services feature risk-free media diagnostics. Contact our customer service team to set up an evaluation at one of our facilities.

  • Q:What causes data tape failures?

    Most failures occur due to worn or broken tape components, but tapes can also lose oxide over time; poor storage conditions can exacerbate this oxide loss.

    Additionally, tapes can fail due to impact damage, dust contamination or tape drive malfunctions. Logical read/write issues can also prevent normal file access.

    To limit your chances of a tape failure, you should store your media in a clean, properly controlled environment. Check your tape backups occasionally and contact a professional data recovery provider as soon as you see signs of a failure.

  • Q:What should I look for when choosing tape data recovery services?

    In order to safely treat physical media failures, data recovery companies need access to highly specialized tools. Providers should also offer high success rates and demonstrate their commitment to secure practices through third-party certifications.

    Secure Data Recovery Services maintains a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which protects data tapes during component repairs. We were the first data tape recovery company with a SSAE 18 Type II certification, and we offer outstanding success rates for all data tape formats. Our experts also have experience with all backup applications, which allows for fast, safe recoveries.

  • Q:Can I use tape data recovery software to restore my files?

    We do not recommend commercial data recovery utilities for tape drives. Software cannot fix component failures, and diagnosing physical issues can be difficult in some situations. By operating your tape in a failed condition, you could cause permanent damage.

    Moreover, most utilities are not designed for data tapes, and many are not optimized for common backup formats. For the best chances of a fast, successful recovery, we recommend turning your tape drive off as soon as possible to prevent accidental damage.

  • Q:How can I limit my downtime after a data tape failure?

    Contact our team as soon as you can to set up a media evaluation. We offer several different services for our tape data recovery clients, and our 24/7 emergency service gives you an excellent way to limit your downtime. We recover many damaged tapes in less than a day under this service option.

  • Q:Does Secure Data Recovery Services support all tape formats?

    Yes. We keep a large library of data tapes in order to provide fast treatment, and our engineers have experience with LTO, DLT, DDS, AIT and dozens of other popular formats. Call our customer service team for a full list of our capabilities.