Exabyte 8mm Tape Repair and Data Recovery Services

Secure Data Recovery Services offers industry-leading Exabyte 8mm data loss solutions through a large network of offices. As a world leader in data tape repair, we provide reliable results with excellent security.

Exabyte 8mm Tape Data Recovery

Our engineers work in a safe environment when treating damaged 8mm tape to ensure optimal results.

Exabyte created the 8mm Data8 format in the late 1980s, quickly capturing the attention of businesses that needed relatively large data storage with a small form factor for easy storage. The original EXB-8200 drive, released in 1987, offered fast data transfer speeds for the time with a 246 kilobyte per second maximum transfer rate. Later models improved transfer speed, capacity and hardware data compression, eventually culminating in the Mammoth-2, Exabyte's last 8mm drive.

With compression, the Exabyte D8 format offers storage capacities of up to 150 gigabytes per tape. Although the last Exabyte 8mm drive was released in the late 1990s, many companies still use the devices regularly.

All magnetic media can degrade over time, and unfortunately, the Data8 format does not offer perfect protection against data loss. Secure Data Recovery Services offers tape repair, data recovery, tape migration and other media services for all tape formats, including 15m-225m data tapes.

Some of the most common causes of data loss on Exabyte tapes include:

  • Accidental Deletion or Overwrites
  • Fire, Smoke, Water and Humidity Damage
  • Oxide Loss or Plastic Component Decay
  • Storage-Related Issues
  • Exposure to Excessive Heat
  • Tape Folds, Breaks or Tears

If you need to recover data from a damaged 8mm tape, you need to work with an experienced media recovery company. Secure Data Recovery Services' engineering teams have experience with Mammoth, Eliant 820, EXB-8200, EXB-8505, EXB-8700 and all other Exabyte tape drives. We can repair media issues in a matter of days and provide you with a full, working copy of your important files, allowing your business to recover from tape issues efficiently.

We also offer free diagnostics for all Exabyte 8mm data recovery services. For a price quote and a risk-free turnaround estimate, contact our customer service team today.

Advanced Technology for Exabyte Data8 Data Recovery

As is the case with most high-capacity tapes, Exabyte 8mm cartridges are sensitive to contaminant damage. At Secure Data Recovery Services, we perform all physical tape repairs in a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which protects your media during recovery procedures. Our teams also have access to dozens of proprietary recovery tools, and because we develop a scenario-specific approach for every tape, we offer higher success rates than any other provider.

Logical issues can also contribute to data loss, and our engineers have experience with common backup applications. We can safely treat file corruption, accidental overwrites and other logical issues at any of our facilities to restore your mission-critical backups to their original state.

Thanks to our flexible service options, your business can avoid unnecessary downtime while controlling its costs. Secure Data Recovery Services offers 24/7/365 emergency Exabyte 8mm data recovery, and we can complete most emergency cases in less than a day.

What to Do When an Exabyte 8mm Cartridge Fails

8mm cartridge failure can quickly result in permanent data loss, especially if your tape is exposed to dust and other contaminants. For the best results, you should turn off your tape drive as soon as you notice signs of media issues. Contact our team right away to discuss your recovery options.

Many factors can affect the turnaround time and cost of an 8mm data recovery case, including the extent of damage to the tape, the size of the tape, the backup application used to write data and the age of the cartridge. We offer free media evaluations for the MP, AME and AME with Smartclean 8mm formats. Each evaluation report provides an approximate turnaround time and an accurate cost of recovery.

Other advantages of our Exabyte 8mm data recovery services:

  • High Success Rates for All 8mm Formats
  • A Large Inventory of Tape Drives for Fast Service
  • Flexible Service Including 24/7/365 Emergency Treatment
  • SSAE 18 Type II Security Certification and Other Credentials
  • No Recovery, No Charge Guarantee and Risk-Free Diagnostics

Secure Data Recovery Services specializes in tape repair and recovery. Our teams have years of experience with every 8mm format, and thanks to our flexible service options and our no recovery, no charge guarantee, we offer the best available resource for all Exabyte formats. For more information or to schedule a free tape analysis at one of our offices, contact our customer service team today.