DLT7000 Tape Data Recovery Services

Secure Data Recovery Services offers reliable tape data recovery for all DLT media formats through a network of offices across the United States. As an industry leader in DLT7000 tape data recovery, we provide high success rates, fast turnarounds and world-class information security.

DLT7000 Tape Data Recovery

We offer data recovery for every DLT format and keep an onsite inventory of DLT drives for fast service.

With a capacity of 35 gigabytes, the DLT7000 SCSI tape drive gained popularity upon its introduction in 1996 and was the tape drive of choice for many enterprise-level companies in the late 1990s. The DLT7000 could read DLT IV, DLT III and DLT IIIXT media with a maximum data rate of 5 megabytes per second.

Like other Digital Linear Tape drives, the DLT7000 supported compression and worked with most backup applications. Most businesses used DLT media for archival storage, and the relatively long operating life and extensive read/write capability of DLT media are ideally suited for this purpose.

Unfortunately, DLT media can fail when stored improperly or when read with a mechanically damaged DLT7000/Tx89 drive.

In our experience, the most common causes of data loss on DLT7000 media include:

  • Storage Related Media Decay and Oxide Loss
  • Damage Due to Physical Impact
  • Accidental Deletion and Overwriting
  • Damage from Heat, Fire, Smoke and Flooding
  • Physical Damage Caused by Malfunctioning Tape Drives
  • Damage Due to Moisture and Humidity

DLT7000 drives often indicate physical failures through a series of LEDs. However, LED signals are occasionally difficult to diagnose without professional assistance, as the drive may not accurately indicate the source of damage when reading with damaged read/write heads.

Whether you cannot access data due to physical tape damage, accidental deletion or for any other reason, Secure Data Recovery Services can help. Our teams have decades of combined experience with digital tape repair, and we offer risk-free diagnostics for all DLT7000 data recovery cases. Call us today to set up a free media evaluation or for more information.

A Leader in DLT7000 Tape Data Recovery

DLT media is relatively resilient as compared to newer formats. Oxide loss is only a problem with older tapes that have been rewritten hundreds of times. Even so, businesses need to exercise care when storing DLT tapes and prevent direct exposure to sunlight or harsh temperatures.

Our engineers successfully recover data in over 95 percent of cases, and we treat all physically damaged DLT media in a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom to guarantee the best possible chances of a full recovery. We have also developed an extensive set of proprietary tools to treat damaged tape media, and our teams can successfully treat virtually any data loss scenario effectively.

Secure Data Recovery Services offers several turnaround options for DLT7000 media including same-day 24/7/365 services. As the first data recovery provider with a SSAE 18 Type II security certification, we always take appropriate precautions to protect recovered files from unauthorized access regardless of your selected service level.

What to Do When a DLT7000 Cartridge Fails

Data tapes need fast treatment in a professional laboratory. If your DLT7000 drive malfunctions or if you cannot read information from a specific cartridge, immediately turn off your drive. Do not attempt to read or repair your tapes. Contact our customer service team right away to discuss recovery options.

While we cannot estimate costs or turnaround time without evaluating your media, we offer free diagnostics reports for DLT III, DLT IIIXT and DLT IV tapes. Our engineers will assess the damage to your media and provide a full diagnostic report to help you make an appropriate case decision.

Advantages of our DLT7000 tape data recovery services:

  • Experience with All DLT7000 Cartridge Formats
  • A 96 Percent Success Rate for Data Recovery
  • Guaranteed Results and Risk-Free Diagnostics
  • SSAE 18 Type II Certification and Other Credentials
  • Flexible Pricing Options and 24/7 Customer Support

Secure Data Recovery Services offers several tape data recovery services, and we are one of the only companies with same-day 24/7/365 emergency services for DLT media. When you send your media to one of our facilities, you get immediate attention from DLT media experienced engineers. We offer excellent security and best-in-class customer service for all of our clients, and our no recovery, no charge guarantee gives you peace of mind through the entire process. To set up your free media evaluation for DLT7000 data recovery, contact our 24/7 customer service line today.