DC 2000 Mini Tape Data Cartridge Recovery Services

Secure Data Recovery Services offers tape cartridge data recovery for DC 2000 mini-cartridges and all other QIC-based media. We have dozens of facilities across the United States, and whether you need to recover data from a single damaged DC 2000 mini-cartridge or an entire tape library, our tape recovery experts can deliver results while keeping your costs under control.

DC 2000 Mini Tape Data Cartridge Recovery

The DC2000 format provides a large storage capacity with a relatively small form factor.

3M's DC 2000 is a popular mini-cartridge format. Based on QIC standards, DC 2000 mini-cartridges have fairly fast transfer speeds and relatively large capacities for their time. A standard DC 2000 can hold up to three gigabytes of compressed data, although most cartridges store far less. Because of their small size, mini-cartridges are ideal for scalable backup.

Some of the most common causes of data loss on DC 2000 mini tape data cartridges include:

  • Improper Storage Conditions
  • Tape Decay and Oxide Loss
  • Tape Stiction
  • Snapped, Broken or Folded Tape
  • Backup Application Issues
  • Accidental Overwrites
  • Exposure to Heat, Moisture or Smoke

Depending on the failure scenario, We are proud to provide free media diagnostics for all tape cartridges. Our diagnostic reports include a price quote and turnaround estimate for data recovery services, and we can analyze most DC 2000 tapes within several days. We also offer high-priority service options including 24/7/365 emergency DC 2000 data recovery to help you avoid system downtime. Contact our customer service team today to set up free diagnostics at one of our offices.

An Advanced Resource for DC 2000 Tape Data Recovery

In order to access the information on a damaged DC 2000 cartridge, data recovery engineers need experience with the backup application that originally wrote data to the tape. Our tape experts have years of experience with backup programs, including Backup Exec, Microsoft Backup and many others. We use proprietary software designed to ensure the best chances of complete recovery, and our teams maintain a 96 percent overall success rate.

DC 2000 mini-cartridges use thin, sensitive tape to store data, and microscopic dust particles, fingerprint residue and other contaminants can seriously damage this tape. Secure Data Recovery Services treats every DC 2000 cartridge in a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Clean room to prevent this contamination.

Additionally, we regularly invest in next-generation technology to treat various digital storage formats effectively. In addition to our data tape repair services, we offer RAID data recovery and RAID repair. Our teams can help restore your mission-critical systems after virtually any media failure, preventing costly downtime and productivity losses.

Finding a DC 2000 Tape Data Recovery Company

If you cannot access data on a DC 2000 tape cartridge, you should immediately eject the affected cassette and shut down your tape drive. Magnetic media becomes less reliable over time, and you may damage your cartridge if you attempt to read a malfunctioning tape. Likewise, you should not attempt to read any additional cassettes if you notice signs of a tape drive malfunction.

You should immediately bring your damaged media to a qualified DC 2000 data recovery company. We have significant experience with backup tape media, and our teams can quickly provide you with the information that you need to plan your next steps.

Advantages of Secure Data Recovery Services:

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities and Advanced Technology
  • A 96 Percent Success Rate for Data Tape Repair
  • An Extensive Set of Security Credentials
  • Online Case Monitoring Tools
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Guaranteed Results for DC 2000 Tape Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services operates more than two dozen offices across the United States. We provide fast, reliable data recovery, tape data migration, tape conversion and related services for DC 2000 cartridges, and our teams have the experience to handle your case efficiently and professionally. To give you peace of mind, we offer a no recovery, no charge guarantee with every case, and all of our services feature SSAE 18 Type II certified security. Schedule your free media diagnosis today by contacting our 24/7 customer service team.