CA ARCserve Tape Data Recovery Services

Secure Data Recovery Services provides an advanced set of solutions for all tape backup media. We invest in tape technology in order to guarantee high success rates for ARCserve tape data recovery, and with more than 40 facilities across the United States, we offer fast, local access and dependable results.

CA ARCserve Tape Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services' engineers regularly work with CA ARCserve backups and can provide fast results.

Originally known as Cheyenne ARCserve, CA ARCserve is one of the most popular backup solutions for businesses with enterprise-level storage systems. Its scalable design and powerful management features make it an effective option for businesses of all sizes, and newer versions of the program feature bare-metal restore functionality and high availability functions that protect mission-critical systems.

Media issues can cause data loss on ARCserve systems in some situations, particularly when a tape archive sustains physical damage due to environmental factors or mishandling. When tape loss occurs, businesses need fast help from a qualified data recovery company.

Common causes of tape data loss on ARCserve systems include:

  • Stretched, Torn, Broken, Flipped or Damaged Tape
  • Smoke, Fire, Water and Humidity Damage
  • Storage-Related Media Decay
  • Oxide Loss and Stiction
  • Damage Due to Failed Tape Drives or Libraries
  • Permanent Errors Residing Mid-File

Secure Data Recovery Services offers recovery for both physical and logical media issues ranging in severity from minor spooling issues to fire and flood damage. We operate dozens of facilities and always offer secure, reliable services.

We also provide free media diagnostics to give our clients accurate price quotes and turnaround estimates before starting data recovery work. Our teams can quickly provide you with all of the information you need to make a plan for any damaged system, and our flexible service options help you stay within your budget. Contact us today to get started.

What to Do When ARCserve Data Storage Systems Fail

ARCserv software prevents many logical data loss events with features like integrated cloud storage and synthetic full backups, but physical media failures are always possible. Because data tapes are especially susceptible to oxidation, contamination and other issues, they need fast treatment in an appropriately controlled environment.

For the best possible results, you should never attempt to repair a physically damaged tape. Shut down your tape drive as soon as you notice failure symptoms and contact a professional ARCserv tape data recovery company.

Secure Data Recovery Services offers professional media repair for LTO Ultrium, DDS, QIC, DAT, DLT, SDLT and all other formats supported by ARCserve. We treat every physically damaged case in a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom in order to prevent any possibility of media contamination or tape damage. Our engineers also have access to a number of proprietary file utilities, which allows for fast, safe repairs.

By using closed networks and secure servers, we prevent any chance of unauthorized data access while keeping your company compliant with relevant industry standards and federal regulations. We were the first ARCserve tape data recovery company to earn a SSAE 18 Type II certification, and our teams will work closely with you to deliver excellent results.

Fast Turnaround Times from ARCserve Tape Recovery Experts

Downtime is an important factor to consider following any server failure. We treat all ARCserve media as a high priority, and our media specialists have sufficient experience with common tape backup systems to provide the fastest turnaround times available anywhere.

Secure Data Recovery Services is one of the only companies in the United States with 24/7/365 emergency ARCserve tape data recovery services. Our engineers devote around-the-clock attention to emergency tape cases, providing successful recoveries in less than 48 hours under many circumstances.

Other reasons to choose Secure Data Recovery Services for ARCserve data tape recovery:

  • Flexible Case Options and 24/7/365 Emergency Tape Recovery
  • SSAE 18 Type II Security Certification
  • Other Services Including RAID Data Recovery to Help You Limit Downtime
  • A 96 Percent Success Rate for ARCserve Data Recovery
  • Experienced Tape Teams and Industry-Leading Technology
  • Online Case Access Tools and 24/7 Customer Support

Tape issues can have an enormous effect on your business. By working with Secure Data Recovery Services, you can quickly restore mission-critical systems to a working condition while controlling your costs. Our tape recovery specialists are available 24/7/365 to help you create a plan for recovery. Call our customer service team today to start a case.