Frequently Asked Questions About RAID 6 Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery Services has a staff of qualified RAID experts, and we provide excellent solutions for failed RAID 6 systems. Unlike other providers, we follow strict security standards at our facilities, and our service options include physical RAID repair and 24/7/365 emergency data recovery.

Data Recovery Services Frequently Asked Questions

As world leaders in data recovery, we use advanced technology to treat every RAID 6 array as efficiently as possible.

This page contains answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that our customer service team receives regarding the RAID 6 configuration and our services. By clicking on any of the questions listed below, you can see a detailed answer.

If you need more information or if you have a question that is not addressed in this FAQ, call our team at 1-800-388-1266.

  • Q:What causes data loss on a RAID 6 array?

    While the RAID 6 configuration offers excellent fault tolerance (it can withstand the loss of two disks in an array), three or more hard drive failures can cause data loss. This can occur during an intensive rebuild or due to an electrical event.

    Logical failures are far more common for RAID 6 arrays. Your system may lose data due to accidental file deletion, software errors, virus damage or for numerous other reasons. The dual parity of the RAID 6 configuration does not protect against these failure scenarios, and it is important to note that RAID 6 is not a suitable substitute for a good backup strategy.

  • Q:How does the RAID 6 parity structure affect the data recovery process?

    RAID data recovery requires specialized tools, and because RAID 6 uses a dual parity, engineers need an advanced knowledge of RAID data architecture in order to provide results.

    Our teams often need to work directly with data on a block level in order to reconstruct damaged or unreadable files. We regularly perform services on RAID 6 arrays, and we proudly offer a 96 percent success rate across all RAID configurations.

  • Q:How much does RAID 6 data recovery cost?

    Costs vary with the extent of media damage, the size of the requested files, the number of hard drives in the array and a number of other factors.

    Secure Data Recovery Services offers risk-free standard diagnostics for RAID 6 systems through our network of offices; if you would like a price quote or turnaround estimate, contact our customer service team to set up an evaluation.

  • Q:Can I use software to treat data loss on a RAID 6?

    This can be a dangerous course of action. Commercial data recovery utilities cannot recover data from RAID systems with physical media damage, and most utilities are not optimized for the data structure of RAID.

    By running software, you could contribute to file damage and corruption. In some cases, software can render your files unrecoverable, and we do not recommend any data recovery utilities.

  • Q:What should I do to increase my chances of a successful RAID 6 data recovery?

    Turn off your RAID 6 when data loss occurs. Do not attempt to rebuild the array if you notice unusual symptoms.

    Make a list of your failure symptoms and contact a professional data recovery provider as soon as possible. Secure Data Recovery Services offers a flexible set of service options including 24/7 same-day services, and our free diagnostics provide an excellent resource for RAID 6 systems.

  • Q:How will Secure Data Recovery Services return my data?

    We can use the return media of your choice, and our engineers can encrypt data upon request to protect your confidentiality. Secure Data Recovery Services offers secure FTP for small amounts of data, and our extensive media library gives you numerous options to receiving your data back.