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Frequently Asked Questions About NAS Data Recovery

When your network-attached storage system fails, Secure Data Recovery Services offers a dedicated set of resources to help you avoid unnecessary downtime. Our engineers have years of experience with various NAS implementations, and by maintaining a state-of-the-art laboratory, we recover hundreds of terabytes of critically important data every week.

Data Recovery Services Frequently Asked Questions

NAS systems often store a tremendous amount of important data, and our teams can provide fast, reliable results.

On this page, you will find common questions and answers regarding our NAS data recovery services. Click on any of the questions to expand the answer. For more information, call our customer service team at 1-800-388-1266.

  • Q:What are common causes of data loss for NAS appliances?

    This depends on the fault tolerance of the system. Many network-attached storage appliances use RAID, which provides redundancy (with the notable exception of RAID 0). However, multiple hard drive failures can still cause data loss on these devices. Drives can fail simultaneously during rebuild procedures or following major electrical events.

    Common sources of logical damage include file corruption, accidental deletion, virus attacks and accidental overwrites. Regardless of failure scenario, the chances of a successful recovery are fairly high. Secure Data Recovery Services offers overall recovery rates of over 95 percent for NAS, SAN and other complex systems.

  • Q:Can I run data recovery software on my NAS appliance to recover corrupt files?

    We strongly recommend taking a conservative course of action following a NAS appliance failure. Data recovery software could contribute to media damage and file corruption, and many applications are designed for personal computers, not NAS systems.

    To keep your appliance from sustaining permanent damage, turn it off as soon as you notice any signs of media failure. Do not attempt to recover, repair or restore your NAS. By contacting our customer service team as soon as possible, you will greatly improve your chances of a full recovery.

  • Q:What should I look for when choosing a NAS data recovery company?

    In order to treat NAS appliances with damaged media, data recovery engineers need to work in an appropriately controlled environment. They also need experience with file-level data storage devices, and depending on your NAS configuration, they may need experience with RAID.

    Secure Data Recovery Services was the first data recovery company to earn a Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom certification, and our engineering teams regularly work with all types of data storage devices and systems. We have an established reputation as a reliable NAS recovery company, and our engineers can safely treat your appliance while using excellent security controls to protect your confidentiality.

  • Q:How much does NAS data recovery cost?

    Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. No two NAS failures are exactly the same, and costs can vary greatly from case to case. We need to perform a media evaluation to provide an accurate price quote and turnaround estimate.

    Secure Data Recovery Services offers free diagnostics with our standard service option. Our engineers consider a number of factors when creating your price quote, including the number of hard drives in your NAS, its filesystem, its RAID level (when applicable) and the presence of any mechanical media damage.

  • Q:How can I limit my downtime after a NAS appliance failure?

    We offer several different service options for NAS. Our emergency data recovery services are available 24/7/365 and have an average turnaround of less than a day.

    We also offer remote data recovery in some circumstances, and regardless of your budget, we can help you find an appropriate option that minimizes your downtime. Call our customer service team today to get started.