JBOD RAID Data Recovery Services

Secure Data Recovery Services offers JBOD repair and data recovery with excellent security and guaranteed results. We have the experienced engineers and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your data to a working condition after virtually any unexpected data loss event.

JBOD RAID Data Recovery

JBOD systems are not redundant, and data loss can occur due to a single hard drive failure.

JBOD systems are often associated with RAID arrays, but unlike RAID, JBOD does not provide redundancy; as a result, a single hard drive failure can cause permanent data loss. Most companies back up JBOD to a secondary array or use the system for non-essential data. Unfortunately, data loss is still a problem for many companies that use JBOD.

Common causes of data loss on JBOD systems include:

  • Hard Drive Head Failures and Crashes
  • Electronic Issues
  • File Corruption and Other Software Issues
  • Damage to JBOD Hardware
  • Fire, Water and Smoke Damage
  • Accidental File Deletion or Formatting

The most common cause of data loss in a spanned set of hard drives is a failure of one of the hard drives in the set. When a drive fails, the JBOD's controller card can often access and recover data from the other drives. However, this is not always the case, and when a failed hard drive contains critical company data, you should immediately seek help from a qualified data recovery provider.

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we offer reliable JBOD data recovery services with high success rates for all failure scenarios. Our engineers are the most experienced JBOD experts in the industry, and we are uniquely qualified to fix the physical and logical issues affecting your system. We also have experience with systems like Logical Volume Manager (LVM) and can safely treat JBOD systems with unusual logical implementations.

Secure Data Recovery Services provides risk-free diagnostics for all JBOD systems. To set up a new case, contact our customer service team today.

What to Do When a JBOD Fails

JBOD failures can seriously affect your business. For the best possible results, you should exercise extreme care when handling a damaged server. Do not operate any of the drives in the spanned set. Keep the entire system turned off to prevent corruption and media damage.

With more than 40 facilities across the United States, Secure Data Recovery Services gives you an easy way to recover from JBOD data loss. We can quickly evaluate your system to identify sources of media damage to provide a free price quote and turnaround estimate.

Through regular investment in technology research and development, we have earned a reputation as an industry leader. Our engineers can treat physical and logical media issues safely while maintaining perfect security. Secure Data Recovery Services also offers flexible turnaround options for JBOD data recovery, and we protect every case with a no recovery, no charge guarantee.

JBOD Data Recovery Capabilities

Our engineers understand JBOD systems and can often easily recover data from non-damaged drives in a spanned set. If you need to recover critical data from a damage drive or if your controller card caused logical damage to the drive set, we can quickly find a way to recover the missing information.

Secure Data Recovery Services offers:

  • An Overall Success Rate of 96 Percent
  • Expert RAID Repair and JBOD Repair Services to Minimize Downtime
  • SSAE 18 Type II Certified Security
  • Flexible Turnaround Options Including 24/7/365 Emergency Services
  • Safe Treatment in a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom
  • No Recovery, No Charge Guarantee

Secure Data Recovery Services has the world's most experienced JBOD data recovery experts, and we can quickly recover any type of data from your spanned drive set. We offer better security than any other company in our industry, and with high success rates and risk-free diagnostics, we deliver the dependable results that you need to avoid downtime. Contact our customer service team today to get started.

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  • Reviewed on Feb 22 2017  |  Springboro, OH

    Extremely professional service for failed RAID5

    I want to thank Alec for his professionalism in handling our RAID recovery effort. This RAID was from an older HP machine that suffered multiple drive failures. The HP tools showed the RAID to be unrecoverable and said to reformat and restore.

    Secure Data was able to reconstruct the array and see all the data.

    In addition, the process was extremely easy during this otherwise stressful time. We merely boxed up the drives, sent them in using the Secure Data label and we were then updated every step of the way from receipt of the drives forward.

    If needed, we will certainly use Secure Data in the future and we would recommend them to anyone who has a complex recovery need.

  • Reviewed on Sep 20 2016  |  Los Angeles, CA

    Company Saver

    The main hard drive that holds all the backup for our company crashed.

    Mitchell and the team recovered everything in days! Amazing!

    Now we are back up and running and copying that drive.

    I hope to never see these guys again, but will go back if I have another drive that dies.

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