Overheating Hard Drive Recovery

Most hard drive manufacturers recommend operating temperatures of 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit) to around 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit). When a hard drive's temperature exceeds the high point of this threshold, its components can take serious damage, often resulting in a full drive failure and data loss.

Overheating Hard Drive Recovery

When a hard drive overheats, it can sustain serious damage in a matter of seconds.

Hard drive heating issues are typically caused by inadequate ventilation, failing cooling systems, faulty power supplies and sudden power surges.

Symptoms of hard drive heating issues include:

  • Hard Drive Spins But Does Not Respond
  • Burning Electronics Smell
  • Visible Printed Circuit Board Damage
  • Hard Drive Does Not Power On
  • Knocking, Clicking or Whirring Sound

Secure Data Recovery Services provides hard drive repair and recovery through an expansive network of more than two dozen offices. We regularly treat overheated hard drives, and our engineers can often fully recover data by repairing damaged components in a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom.

To prevent media damage following a heat-related failure, you should immediately shut down any hard drive that displays any of the symptoms listed above. Never run data recovery software on a failed drive or attempt to replace any components. For the best chances of a successful recovery, contact Secure Data Recovery Services as soon as possible to schedule a free, no risk media evaluation.

Data Recovery Techniques for Heat-Damaged Hard Drives

While all parts of a hard drive can sustain serious damage at high temperatures, the printed circuit board is probably the most susceptible to overheating issues. Electrical components on the circuit board can melt, preventing the hard drive from operating properly and causing communication issues with the computer.

To treat circuit board damage, our engineers repair damaged components or replace the board entirely with an identical copy. Hard drives contain unique firmware chips, and to successfully access data without causing media damage, we need to copy and edit firmware microcode with specialized equipment. This normally results in a full recovery of all of the hard drive's data.

When excessive heat causes actuator head tracking issues or other internal media damage, engineers need to repair components in a certified data recovery Cleanroom. Cleanroom technology prevents contamination from affecting hard drive actuator heads, platters and other sensitive parts.

Secure Data Recovery Services is one of the only data recovery companies with a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which strictly limits airborne contaminants to a maximum of 10 per cubic foot. Visit our Cleanroom page for an overview of our media protection technology.

Because of our state-of-the-art technology and the experience of our engineering teams, we offer high recovery rates for all hard drive models and brands. We also provide some of the fastest turnaround times in our industry, and our 24/7/365 services provide an excellent option in emergency failure scenarios.

Choosing an Experienced Data Recovery Services Provider

All data recovery companies should use strict security controls to protect client data. A desktop hard drive can contain hundreds of sensitive or legally protected files, and improper network controls puts these files at risk.

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we regularly test our networks and laboratory practices to provide the best possible security for our clients. We were the first data recovery company to earn a SSAE 18 Type II Certification and one of the first providers to obtain a certification under the General Services Administration (GSA) contractor program.

Our credentials include:

  • PCI Security Certification
  • SAS 70 Certification and SSAE 18 Type II Certification
  • Information Systems Security Association Member

Unlike other data recovery companies, we use third-party audits, tests and staff interviews to maintain our security credentials. Visit our certifications page for an overview of any of the programs listed above or to view audit reports, attestation records and other documents.

Free Diagnostics for Damaged Hard Drives

If you cannot access files on an overheated hard drive, keep the drive powered off until you can speak with a qualified data recovery professional.

Secure Data Recovery Services offers risk-free diagnostics for damaged hard drives. We can provide an evaluation report within 24 hours to provide you with a cost of recovery, a turnaround estimate and a detailed hard drive failure analysis.

Benefits of Secure Data Recovery Services include:

  • State-of-the-Art Data Recovery Equipment
  • High Success Rates for Overheated Hard Drives
  • Fast Turnaround Times
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Data Recovery Services
  • Online Case Status Tools
  • Around-the-Clock Customer Support
  • Advanced Security Protocols and Credentials

To schedule free diagnostics at one of our facilities, contact our customer service team today.