Professional Paradox Data Recovery from an Industry Leader

Secure Data Recovery Services provides a comprehensive option for RAID repair, database repair and data recovery on Paradox systems. We have years of experience with Paradox and other database management applications, and our engineers can securely restore your access to mission-critical files in a matter of days.

Paradox Database Data Recovery

Our engineers can quickly diagnose file corruption on Paradox systems to provide you with essential case information.

Paradox historically competed with dBase, and the relational database management system (RDBMS) has seen numerous major revisions and overhauls since its original DOS version launched in the mid-1980s. It is now primarily associated with the Windows operating system.

Compared to other database systems, Paradox offers fairly robust operation with an intuitive interface and simultaneous support for several dozen users. However, Paradox's database files (.DB) can become corrupt or lost for a variety of reasons including index corruption, hard drive failure and RAID server misconfiguration.

Secure Data Recovery Services offers reliable file and kernel repair for Paradox systems. Our teams regularly work with Paradox and related RDBMS products, and thanks to proprietary software tools developed in our research laboratories, we offer the highest recovery rates and fastest turnaround times for these systems.

We also provide risk-free evaluations for our Paradox data recovery services. For a price quote, turnaround estimate and other key case information, contact our customer service team to schedule diagnostics at one of our offices.

Fixing Paradox Database File Corruption

As is the case with many other relational database management systems, large Paradox databases are susceptible to corruption and data loss due to operating system issues, user error and power failures. Diagnostic utilities like Scandisk can also cause data corruption on Paradox systems.

Paradox users often receive a "corrupt database" error after these types of events. This message often means a corrupt .DB file. However, these messages can also indicate index file corruption, which is potentially a less serious issue.

Other common causes of data loss on Paradox systems include:

  • Hardware Failures, RAID Damage and Parity Loss
  • Physical Media Damage from Electrical Events
  • File Damage from Software or Operating System Errors
  • Accidental File Deletion or Overwrites

In any case, trained data recovery engineers can recover lost information safely by making clones of the affected files and rebuilding them with logical data recovery techniques. Engineers might also need to perform hard drive or RAID data recovery procedures to gain access to damaged files, depending on the source of the damage.

Corrupted primary index files (*.PX) or databases can instantly incapacitate your business by preventing access to key data. Fortunately, our experienced engineers can recover most corrupt .DB files in a matter of hours by using a combination of proprietary software and manual recovery techniques. Secure Data Recovery Services offers exceptional results for Paradox database recovery, and our engineering teams can treat any type of media issue while maintaining excellent security.

What to Do When Your Paradox System Fails

If you cannot access data on a Paradox system, you need to take immediate steps to prevent extensive corruption and media damage. Do not attempt to repair your system; keep your computer powered down or dismount affected partitions on your RAID array. Do not attempt to rebuild your damaged RAID.

Our engineers can safely evaluate your Paradox database to provide a price quote and turnaround estimate for data recovery. Secure Data Recovery Services operates more than 40 facilities throughout the United States, and we offer completely risk-free diagnostics for standard Paradox database repair cases.

Secure Data Recovery Services provides:

  • Fast Turnarounds and Industry-Leading 24/7/365 Emergency Services
  • A 96 Percent Success Rate
  • Proprietary File Utilities for Paradox Data Recovery
  • Comprehensive Case Updates and 24/7 Customer Service
  • SSAE 18 Type II Certification and Other Security Credentials
  • Local Service Through an Extensive Network of Offices

We understand how database issues affect our clients. Unlike other data recovery companies, we make regular investments in our facilities to provide the best possible services for our clients, and we maintain our exceptional success rates through ongoing engineer training programs. When you work with Secure Data Recovery Services, you get the peace of mind of our no recovery, no charge guarantee, and we always maintain best-in-class security when performing our Paradox data recovery services. To start a new case, contact our customer service team today at 1-800-388-1266.