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Secure Data Recovery Services offers industry-leading dBase database recovery with high success rates, dependable turnaround times and unmatched security through an expansive network of offices.

dBase Data Recovery

By working with trained dBase recovery engineers, you can avoid downtime after any media disaster.

dBase is a common database management system that first gained popularity in the 1980s. Many businesses prefer dBase's modern variants over SQL alternatives due to the software's flexibility and its data manipulation abilities.

The dBase DBMS stores information in .DBF files and .NDX headers. Many programs other than dBase use dBase's .DBF file format for its relative simplicity and logical structure. Harbour/FoxPro and Visual FoxPro are two of the best-known examples.

.DBF files can fail or become inaccessible for a variety of reasons, including:

  • .NDX (Header) File Damage or Corruption
  • Operating System Issues
  • User Error
  • dBase Misconfiguration
  • Intentional Deletion
  • Hardware Failures

When a .DBF file stops responding normally, you need a capable, experienced data recovery provider with years of dBase experience.

Secure Data Recovery Services provides both physical and logical professional data recovery services for dBase systems. Our engineers have experience with hard drives, RAID servers and other media commonly used to store dBase .DBF files, and we can safely repair virtually any storage device. Contact us today to set up a new case or for an overview of our services.

What to Do When Your dBase System Fails

As soon as you notice symptoms of data loss, you should take appropriate steps to protect your storage device. Keep track of the symptoms that preceded your media failure. In particular, note any unusual error messages and any steps you took to restore the inoperable data.

Do not attempt to rebuild a physically damaged RAID, especially if a previous rebuild attempt failed. Isolate the affected partition or turn your entire system off. If you cannot access a .DBF due to corruption, turn your storage device off immediately to avoid accidental overwrites and other potentially serious issues.

Contact Secure Data Recovery Services or visit one of our offices to set up an evaluation for you dBase system. We can provide a fast price quote and turnaround estimate, and unlike other providers, we offer free diagnostics for our standard data recovery service option. We also offer full RAID repair services, and our engineers always take appropriate steps to minimize your downtime.

A Certified Provider for dBase File Repair and Recovery

As an industry leader in database recovery and repair, we treat hundreds of dBase cases each year. Our approach is safer and more effective than commercial software options due to the experience of our engineers and our proprietary dBase recovery software, which we developed in-lab. We treat physically damaged media in a safe Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, and we never void your warranty while performing data recovery procedures.

Advantages of our dBase data recovery services include:

  • Flexible Service Options and a No Recovery, No Fee Guarantee
  • A 96 Percent Success Rate for Database Repair and Recovery
  • 24/7/365 Emergency dBase Data Recovery Services
  • An Experienced Engineering Team with .DBF Experience
  • Frequent Case Updates and 24-Hour Customer Service

When you need a fast, effective resource for dBase data recovery, contact the experts at Secure Data Recovery Services. We understand how database corruption, RAID failures and other unexpected events affect our customers, and with state-of-the-art technology, advanced security systems and excellent customer service, we give you a simple way to restore damaged files from virtually any storage device.