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Secure Data Deletion from an Industry Leader

Secure Data Recovery Services provides exceptional options for professional file deletion and digital media destruction. Our engineers can safely destroy any number of files, regardless of size, media type, or operating system, and our flexible turnaround options give your business an easy way to manage costs during large operations.

Secure Data Deletion

Most file deletion utilities do not conform with set standards. Our secure deletion service keeps your systems compliant and eliminates potential security risks.

With our extensive hardware library, we can securely delete files from all types of digital storage devices including:

  • Hard Drives and Solid-State Drives
  • USB Drives and Other Flash Media
  • CDs, DVDs and Other Optical Media
  • All Data Tape and Data Cartridge Formats
  • RAID Arrays, NAS Appliances, Virtual Servers and More

We use proprietary secure file deletion tools to overwrite data in accordance with Department of Defense (DoD) standards. This includes a standard number of overwrite passes, including randomized passes. Our process ensures that all deleted data is completely unrecoverable and unreadable. We use a future-proof set of procedures that completely removes magnetic records of data, and we stand by the quality of our services.

To get started or for detailed information regarding our secure data deletion process, call our customer service team today.

Advanced Capabilities and Certified Security

Secure Data Recovery Services has provided file deletion, data recovery and related services for many years. We invest heavily in our laboratory technology and in our archival media libraries, and we maintain an extensive inventory of functional tape drives, RAID controllers and dedicated machines designed for secure data deletion.

We can help your business create a cost-effective plan for deleting large amounts of data, regardless of file types or operating system. Whether you need to eliminate files from a single RAID array or a large library of data cartridges, Secure Data Recovery Services can keep file deletion within your budget without compromising your security. We also offer media migration services to further reduce your expenses during major system upgrades or replacements.

We maintain a number of credentials to maintain compliance with various data laws and standards:

  • PCI Security Certification / PCI-DSS Compliance
  • SSAE 18 Type II SOC-1 Certification
  • General Services Administration Contractor Certification

Secure Data Recovery Services is also a certified green business. We can provide audit and attestation reports on request, and our engineers can work with your business to provide custom security. Call for more information.

Secure Data Deletion from a Leading Data Recovery Company

As a professional data recovery provider, we understand the important role that secure deletion services play in maintaining enterprise-level IT systems. We offer flexible pricing options, and because we perform deletion services on a regular basis, we can control turnaround times regardless of the size of your storage devices.

Your business needs a cost-efficient way to securely delete large amounts of data. Secure Data Recovery Services can make the process much easier, and as one of the world's most highly regarded data recovery providers, we are uniquely qualified to provide secure data deletion services. We also respect the importance of excellent data security, and our advanced procedures will prevent unauthorized access to your storage media throughout the case process.