A Secure Resource for Data and Media Conversion

Secure Data Recovery Services provides dedicated digital storage media conversion through a network of more than 40 offices. With a library of storage hardware and the industry's most experienced engineering teams, we offer exceptional results for all types of storage devices.

Data and Media Conversion

Media conversion projects can seriously affect your business's productivity. Secure Data Recovery Services can help you control downtime and costs.

We support all formats including:

  • All Data Tape Cartridges (LTO, AIT, DLT and More)
  • DVDs, CDs and Other Optical Media
  • Virtual Servers
  • Hard Drives and Solid-State Drives
  • RAID Systems
  • NAS and SAN
  • Flash Media and More

Data conversion can take a tremendous amount of time and present serious compatibility issues when handled internally. By working with experienced professionals, you can drastically improve the efficiency of your project, reducing potential downtime and limiting your personnel costs.

Secure Data Recovery Services specializes in media conversion. Our experts can create a plan for your case and provide a fast price quote, giving you the freedom that you need to convert between formats quickly and effectively. To get started, contact our customer service team today.

Advanced Security and Experienced Data Conversion Teams

As industry leaders in media conversion, we understand the importance of data security. We were the first company in the data service industry to earn a SSAE 18 Type II SOC 1 certification, and our facilities use strict controls to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing client files or information; we also post full compliance reports for the benefit of our clients.

Our credentials include:

  • HIPAA, FERPA and PCI Security Compliance Certification
  • SSAE 18 Type II SOC 1 Certification
  • General Services Administration (GSA) Contractor Certification
  • Green Business Certification

When you work with Secure Data Recovery Services, you can be rest assured that your case will receive appropriate attention from trained experts. We check converted files to ensure consistency, and our teams take relevant steps to prevent compatibility issues. Our objective is to provide a complete set of converted media as efficiently as possible, and we never take steps that could compromise the integrity of your data.

We also specialize in data recovery, and our engineers have years of experience with thousands of file formats. We always take a case-specific approach and provide consistent results.

Turnaround time is an important factor for many of our clients, and we take essential steps to provide accurate turnaround estimates at the outset of every case. We offer the industry's first 24/7/365 emergency services, and we can provide exceptionally fast results through this option.

Steps to Take for Efficient Media Conversion

If your business is converting a large number of data tapes, hard drives, DVDs, diskettes or any other type of digital storage media, you need help from a dedicated team of data experts. Secure Data Recovery Services uses advanced technology to improve project efficiency, and our flexible turnaround options give you an easy way to customize the process to fit your budget.

To get started, collect basic information including the number of devices undergoing conversion, the format of the data and the approximate size of the project. Our engineers can provide you with a free price quote and turnaround estimate to help you make appropriate plans. We can convert any type of media, regardless of operating system or other factors, and we follow strict security protocols when handling client data.Set up a new case or discuss options by contacting our customer service team.