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The History of Computers

The world has undergone a host of changes over the past centuries. During that time inventions such as the automobile, electricity and all of the advances in the medical profession has changed the world. While there are many such innovations that has made our lives easier, none has had the revolutionary effect that the computer has had on our lives.

Computer History

Computing technology has progressed over the past several decades through advances in storage and processor design.

Since the earliest creations of the computing machine, the advances in computer technology has had a profound effect on our everyday life. Not a day goes by that some type of computer has an impact on our life. From computers in our automobile engine to using our smartphone to find a local restaurant, we use computers, whether we know it or not, on a regular basis.

Useful Information

The following are several useful web pages which contains information on the history of the computer. We hope that we have provided some useful information that will give you a better understanding on how computers and computer technology have become an integral part of our everyday life.