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Asus Data Recovery and Media Repair Authorized Partner

Secure Data Recovery Services is an Asus data recovery partner, and we offer hard drive data recovery, RAID data recovery and other advanced services for all Asus devices. We operate a large network comprised of more than 40 offices, and our teams can provide fast access to missing files regardless of your operating system, failure scenario or other factors.

Asus Data Recovery

As a leader in the data recovery industry, we provide the best available resources for all types of Asus devices.

Asus lives up to its "Inspiring Innovation, Persistent Perfection" motto by regularly introducing new technologies in personal computing. As one of the world's largest personal computer vendors, ASUSTek Computer Inc. sells thousands of desktops, netbooks, tablets, laptops and servers worldwide.

While Asus systems are reliable, data loss can occur for a number of reasons including:

  • Mechanical Hard Drive Damage and Offset Components
  • Damage to Electronic Boards (Printed Circuit Boards)
  • Firmware Corruption
  • Data Corruption
  • File Deletion and Formatting
  • Virus Damage, Environmental Disasters and More

Secure Data Recovery Services is an Asus partner, and our engineers have the necessary training and experience to repair any Asus device without voiding active warranties. Our teams can repair physically damaged media and logically damaged files, restoring your data to a completely functional condition.

We offer risk-free standard diagnostics and a no recovery, no fee guarantee for all Asus users. Contact our customer service team today to get started.

Advantages of Working with an Asus Data Recovery Partner

Technology plays a major role in the data recovery process, and Secure Data Recovery Services maintains a state-of-the-art laboratory in order to treat Asus systems effectively.

Our laboratory contains a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which allows for safe hard drive repair and RAID repair procedures, and we maintain a large library of media components in order to provide efficient service. We regularly develop proprietary recovery tools, which allows for exceptional success rates.

We also have a strong reputation for our secure IT practices. Secure Data Recovery Services was the first data recovery provider to earn SSAE 18 Type II SOC-1 certification, and we hold a number of additional compliance certifications. Our teams exercise extraordinary care when treating every case to ensure the best possible results, and our high customer satisfaction rates are a testament to our industry-leading technology.

ASUSTOR is part of the ASUS family. See how Secure Data Recovery Services can help with this line.

What to Do When a Digital Storage Device Fails

File damage can occur for a number of reasons, and in order to limit damage, you should immediately disconnect power to your system as soon as you notice signs of data loss.

Make a list of any symptoms that accompanied the failure, including unusual noises or error messages. Do not attempt to repair your Asus device, and never run data recovery software. Never open a hard drive or another digital device outside of a certified Cleanroom environment, as doing so could void your warranty and cause additional media damage.

Contact Secure Data Recovery Services as soon as possible to discuss your case. We offer free standard diagnostics, and as an Asus partner, we offer warranty-safe services for all Asus computers and storage systems.

Other features of our services include:

  • A 96 Percent Success Rate
  • Support for Every Asus Computer and Storage Device
  • Specialized Options for RAID Data Recovery and RAID Repair
  • Versatile Turnaround Options Including 24/7/365 Emergency Service
  • Multiple Office Locations for Efficient Service
  • An Excellent Set of Security Credentials

By working with an Asus data recovery partner, you can limit your risks while restoring your data to a fully functional condition. Secure Data Recovery Services offers a secure, reliable set of data loss solutions with an overall success rate of 96 percent, and our no recovery, no charge guarantee ensures that you never pay a service charge for unrecoverable data. To get started or for more information, call Secure Data Recovery Services today at 1-800-388-1266.