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Certified Data Recovery Engineers in Albany, NY

Secure Data Recovery is there to help when data loss happens to the people of Albany, NY. From our A+ Rated customer service to our industry leading standards and practices, you can depend on us to be your top choice in retrieving your data and restoring your lost digital estate.

The historically-rich capital of New York State, Albany, NY is home to about 97,000 people of a wide variety of cultures and ethnicities. As the center of the state’s Capital District, residents and tourists get to enjoy the third-largest metropolitan region of New York and a plethora of attractions from the New York State Museum, the Tulip Festival, and the enormous Capital Pride Parade and Festival. But all of these residents and visitors need data recovery when things go wrong, whether they’re taking pictures at a festival or just enjoying life at home when their computer fails. No matter what happened to your media, Secure Data Recovery can get your data back.

Expert Data Recovery Services

Secure Data Recovery Services is the authority in Hard Drive Recovery, SSD Recovery and RAID Recovery. Since 2007, our data recovery company has helped tens of thousands of individuals and businesses of all sizes successfully recover from every type of data loss scenario. We understand the importance of data in the modern world and with our Economy, Standard and Emergency Data Recovery Options and state-of-the art technology we are ready to get your lost data back right now.

Experience total piece of mind with a “No Data, No Recovery Fee” Guarantee.

What storage device can we recover for you today?

  • Hard Drive
  • SSD
  • RAID
  • SMB and Enterprise Storage
  • Mobile

Supported Devices:

  • Desktop Hard Disk
  • Laptop HDD
  • External Hard Drive
  • SATA
  • SCSI
  • IDE
  • USB and SAS

Hard Drive Failed from:

  • Drops
  • Failed Heads
  • Power Outage
  • Deletion/Formatting
  • Water/Fire Damage
  • Bad Blocks or Clicking
  • Beeping
  • Whirring Noises

Supported Devices:

  • Desktop Solid State Drive
  • Laptop & External SSD
  • SATA
  • SAS
  • M.2 and NVMe

SSD affected by:

  • Controller
  • Logic Board & NAND Failures
  • Bad Blocks
  • Firmware
  • Natural Disasters
  • Deletion/Formatting
  • Drives Not Powering On

Supported RAID Levels for Server, NAS & SAN Storage:

  • RAID 0
  • RAID 1
  • RAID 10
  • RAID 5
  • RAID 50
  • RAID 60
  • Hybrid RAID & non standard RAID Storage

RAID failure due to:

  • Drive Not Detecting
  • Controller Failure
  • Volume Corruption
  • Incorrect RAID Rebuild
  • RAID in Degraded Mode
  • User Error & RAID Repair

Supported Platforms:

  • VMware vSphere
  • ESXi
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • SQL Server
  • Exchange Server
  • Sharepoint
  • Citrix Xen
  • XenServer
  • Veeam
  • MySQL
  • ORACLE & others

Data Recovery for:

  • LUN
  • Virtial Machine/Disk & Database Corruption
  • Storage Pool/RAID Group Multiple Disk Failure
  • Ransomware & Incident Response
  • User Error & Natural Disasters

Supported Devices:

  • All Apple iPhone
  • iPad
  • All Android Smartphones & Tablets

Mobile Device data loss due to:

  • Physical or Water Damage
  • Bootloop
  • Cracked Screen
  • Loss of Power
  • Logic Board Failure
  • Stuck Apple Logo & Error Code 14

Industry-Leading Certified Experts

It’s not just about restoring your data. At Secure Data Recovery, we work hard to also maintain your data privacy. With our SSAE 18 Type II certification and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Data Handling Practices, you won’t have to worry about the privacy of your data as we ensure its safety throughout the recovery process from beginning to end. What’s more, we operate in our state-of-the-art Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanrooms, further ensuring that your data is recovered as best as possible.

Zero-Stress Customer Service

It can be a hair-pulling experience when your hard disk drive fails, especially if you have precious memories stored or vital career-building work that absolutely cannot be lost. But when it happens, our customer service representatives are ready to help 24/7. When you start a case with us, you’ll get a risk-free evaluation of your media when you send it to us and we’ll offer a zero-obligation price quote for our services.

With stringent certifications, rigorous training and our 96% success rate, we’re confident that our certified engineers are more than up to the task in recovering your data. But if your data should prove unrecoverable by our team, you can rest assured that no other company can recover it. When that happens, we stand by our “no data, no recovery fee” guarantee. For those studying at the venerable State University of New York, you can also enjoy a 10% discount when you hire our services.

Get Your Digital Life Back on Track

There are a number of ways that data can become corrupted or lost in Albany, NY. When not properly protected, media can suffer from the terrible chills of Atlantic Nor’easters. But more typical scenarios include:

  • Physical damage from accidents
  • Accidental deletion or rewriting of vital files
  • Multiple hard disk drive failures
  • Virus infection corrupting system files

These scenarios and more can happen at any time. Start a stress-free case with us and get your digital life back on track by calling us at 1-800-388-1266.

Customer Reviews (6)

Average Rating:

This service was rated 5.0 out of 5.0 based on 6 review(s)

  • Reviewed on Aug 26 2019  |  Sunnyside, NY

    Total success!

    Jake and the entire team were amazing! They rescued my 5TB project with no trouble and kept in touch the entire time. They allowed me to send a special drive and tracked it all the way. I felt in great hands, especially when you go through data loss. Your one stop shop to peace of mind! Pricey but worth it! 5TB recused (5gb lost).

  • Reviewed on Jun 29 2018  |  Sunnyside, NY

    Secure Data Recovery saved the day!

    I'm an artist, and when my hard drive failed, I panicked thinking there was no way I was going to get my data back. The drive had irreplaceable photos of my artwork and countless important documents. They recovered every file and sent it back on an encrypted device that can only be unlocked by an app on my smartphone. They were super nice and communicative. I will definitely recommend them with fellow artists and will come back - though I hope to never have to.Thank so much!!

  • Reviewed on Apr 11 2018  |  New York, NY

    Thanks Chris McMacken!

    I recently had the opportunity of working with Chris McMacken at SDR and had a great experience. The computer we sent him had a laundry list of problems (it may have actually gone through the laundry itself), so we were hesitant to embark down a recovery path knowing that it could possibly be a complete waste of money. Chris was very upfront and consultative throughout the entire process. There was no sales pressure whatsoever. I will be referring Chris @ SDR to anyone I come across needing data recovery services in the future.

  • Reviewed on Dec 8 2017  |  East Elmhurst, NY

    Top Quality Service

    I had a hard drive fail unexpectedly that I needed data recovered from. Mitchell Moore was a pleasure to work with. He kept me updated on the status of the recovery the whole way and explained things is detail. I would not hesitate to recommend Secure Data Recovery and Mitchell to any one who needs data recovery services.

  • Reviewed on May 18 2017  |  New York, NY

    Thank You Mitchell and SDR!

    Secure Data Recovery is THE BEST! I am an independent film maker who still edits all her work on her own. A few weeks ago, I found myself in a panic as my external hard drive crashed, and with it, all my footage from the past 8 months. After a sad trip to the Geek Squad at Best Buy where they wanted me to pay a ton of money up front with a 50/50 chance of recovery, I went home and did some research and found SDR. I called them right away, and immediately spoke to Mitchell Moore. I was amazed that I was speaking to a person and not a machine/not being put on hold for ten years. He was so helpful, positive and calmed my nerves. I live in NYC where they luckily have a drop off station, and the hard drive was in their hands the following morning. It took a couple weeks longer than expected, and it was pricey, but everything I needed was restored and in perfect condition!
    I REALLY appreciate how hands on this company is. They are on speed dial any time you need them. I called almost everyday with multiple questions, even sometimes just saying, 'I'm feeling discouraged!', but Mitchell was always understanding and patient, and never once made me feel like my calling was an inconvenience.
    The next time you are in a pickle, CALL THIS COMPANY! They are tech angels!
    Oh, and take it from someone who learned the hard way, if it's really important, back it up multiple times!

  • Reviewed on Apr 18 2017  |  Astoria, NY


    I can't rave enough about the work Secure Data Recovery did for me. Days after a comic convention I worked in February 2017, my main external HD conked out mysteriously as I attempted, ironically enough, to back up it's data onto another drive. Though the cost was a bit high, it was worth every penny, as thankfully I recovered EVERYTHING I'd feared lost. I am the showrunner of an indie film comic book-themed webseries, so it was feared our entire current season's worth of footage had been lost forever. Thankfully this was not so, thanks to the great people at Secure Data. Frederick, who handled my case, kept in contact with me thoroughly and super efficiently. They are on top of their game here and they do all they can to help. A+, 5 star review for sure.

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