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Data Recovery in Brockton from an Industry Leader

Data Recovery Service You Can Depend on in Brockton, MA

We all keep our important data on our electronic devices. But eventually, the shadow of data loss falls upon us all, and we need a recovery solution that can bring back our digital information. That’s when people call on the certified engineers at Secure Data Recovery.

Situated at the end of Plymouth County, the city of Brockton, MA boasts the history of being the world’s first place to have a three-wire underground electrical system, activated by none other than Thomas Edison. But today, the 95,000 residents as well as visitors get to enjoy sights such as the beautiful Fuller Craft Museum, shop at the Westgate Mall, or savor a bite to eat at Mickey Malone’s Tavern. Amidst all the activity, there’s one thing that nobody wants: data loss. With Secure Data Recovery, you will have the best chance at a full recovery of your your digital files.

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SQL database recovery, Android phone recovery, even flash drive data recovery—there’s nothing our certified engineers can’t handle. See our many other services that we offer to our valued clients:

Excellence for All Our Customers

We know too well how data loss can ruin anyone’s day. But worry not, our 24/7 customer service line is always open. When data loss strikes and you place your media in our hands, we’ll offer you a risk-free evaluation and zero-obligation price quote. When you entrust your media to us, we’ll make the recovery process as stress-free as possible.

We take pride in our 96% success rate, and it’s thanks to the exhaustive lengths that we go to get your data back. Our certified engineers are rigorously trained to work with all operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Furthermore, our R&D team discovers the latest techniques to retrieve your data. So, if somehow your data proves unrecoverable, we can assure you that no one else can possibly get it back. But if that should be the case, you won’t have to pay the recovery service fee. That’s our “no data, no recovery fee” guarantee.

The Better Business Bureau has recognized our dedication to excellence and to seeing our every client be satisfied. Thanks to that, we’ve earned ourselves an A+ BBB ranking as a company. We know you’ll feel the same when you trust us with your data.

BBB of Boston Accredited Company

BBB of Boston Accredited Business with an A+ Rating

The BBB issues company reviews to report accreditation levels and ratings. Our latest review details the standards that led to our top rating of A+.

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The Best Ones Certified for the Job

Certifications are both proof of our excellent standards and a promise of quality. Thanks to our great many certifications, we’ve been able to maintain a lead in the industry, providing our clients with the best experience possible. Our high success rate is thanks in part to our certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanrooms as they keep harmful dust to a minimum in our work areas. With our SSAE 18 Type II certification, you can rest easy knowing that your data privacy will be strictly maintained while your media is in our care. We are also GSA Approved Contractors, a trusted name amongst governmental clients.

Don’t Settle for Less, Choose the Best in Brockton, MA

Data loss can happen from a great many causes. A power surge from a bad storm can render your computer inoperable. Sometimes hard disk drives break down and fail. Other times, it’s a malignant virus that hitchhiked its way through a downloaded file before wreaking havoc with your vital files.

But no matter the cause of the data loss, there’s one team that will do everything to get your information back: Secure Data Recovery. When you need the best, call us at 1-800-388-1266.

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  • Reviewed on Oct 28 2019  |  Boston, MA

    Amazing customer service

    Elijah was very helpful since the day I put in a request. My hard disk was not working and I sent in a request. He gave me all the possible reasons for why it could not be working before I send my hard disk. He followed up every week to ensure that I send in my hard disk. I was unable to go drop off the device due to my busy schedule, so he generated a shipping label. The device was checked and I got a reply within two days. Elijah also tried to reduce the cost of recovery. I am unable to afford the cost at this moment but in the future if I have to get the data recovered, I would definitely chose Secure Data Recovery.

  • Reviewed on Sep 4 2019  |  Quincy, MA

    Awesome job

    These guys did a stellar job and recovered 100% of my hard drive. Elijah Robinson was most helpful and very good with communication. My highest recommendation to these guys. I type this as I''m backing stuff up, so I never have to go through such headache again. Haha.

  • Reviewed on Sep 3 2019  |  Lexington, MA

    Happy End

    2 drops of water in the wrong place corroded my battery and drive and stopped my laptop from working. I never bothered with backups as I always was very careful with my computer and this would never happen to me, right? The manufacturer said they could easily repair the computer, but that I would loose all data. Their preferred partner charged a fortune, so I googled data recovery and ended up talking to Elijah at Secure. Now a couple of weeks later I have my computer back and I uploaded all my data from the external drive Secure sent me - I did not loose a single thing! I''m really happy this nightmare ended well with Secure Data`s help and Elijah`s support. Lesson learned: always keep back ups - or call Secure Data Recovery...

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