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Data Recovery in Fort Wayne from an Industry Leader

Industry Leaders in Data Recovery in Fort Wayne, IN

Data loss is not only incredibly stressful, it can also be costly for companies. Whether it’s your work files or your precious photo albums, when data loss strikes, the people of Fort Wayne, IN need a data recovery solution. That solution is called Secure Data Recovery.

Located relatively close to neighboring Michigan and Ohio, Fort Wayne, IN is a busy hub of activity. The city bustles with 260,000 residents, and companies such as Steel Dynamics and Franklin Electric. For residents and tourists alike, Fort Wayne sports attractions such as the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, and the Johnny Appleseed Festival. But with so many people, and so much activity, data loss is bound to happen. Our certified engineers can make sure that data loss doesn’t bite into your fun and business operations.

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From Windows PCs to Mac computers, our engineers are trained to work with any operating system. No data recovery job is too big or small—we can even help recover encrypted hardware and software-encrypted files. Take a look at our list of offered services:

Trusted Customer Service

We take pride in how our past clients and customers have found their experience with us so enjoyable. That’s because we understand how stressful data loss can be, and we make every effort to make recovering that data as stress-free as possible. It all begins when you start a case with us and send us your media directly or visit one of our 150 convenient office locations. We offer a risk-free diagnostic evaluation along with a zero-obligation price quote.

Our certified engineers are trained in utilizing every method and technique when it comes to data recovery. That’s why we are confident that we can get your data back. Thanks to our thorough methods, we’ve maintained a 96% success rate. But should your data prove impossible to recover, we won’t charge you the recovery service fee. That’s our “no data, no recovery fee” guarantee. Whether you’re serving at the Indiana National Guard or the US Army base, you can also enjoy a 10% military discount when you use our services.

In recognition of our drive for excellence and providing every customer with a great experience, the Better Business Bureau has awarded us with an A+ Rating as a company. We know you’ll feel the same when you choose us!

BBB Accredited Company

BBB Accredited Company with an A+ Rating

The BBB reviews advertising and business practices for thousands of Texas businesses, and only those that comply with a rigid set of standards receive their top rank. Our A+ rating is explained in the BBB’s full company review.

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Dedication to Meeting and Exceeding Standards

When data loss happens, usually there are warning signs that it is either about to happen or is already starting to. Here are some symptoms to look out for in your media:

  • Frequent blue screen of death errors
  • Your hard disk drive is making strange grinding noises
  • Strange error messages appear when you try running programs
  • Your computer does not recognize external media

When you notice these warning signs, don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-388-1266. The sooner you catch data loss scenarios, the better the chance that we can save your data and get your digital life back on track.

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  • Reviewed on Sep 11 2019  |  New Castle, IN

    Ryan Wiggins

    I was very pleased with the service. Ryan was quick to respond to any questions i had and the whole process was smooth and easy. All of my data was recovered.

  • Reviewed on Aug 17 2019  |  Hudson, IN

    SDR saved the day for me!

    I didn''t backup my wife''s HDD in time. When it crashed, I thought we lost everything, which has happened to me in the past. This time I couldn''t let years of my wife''s photos disappear, so I contacted SDR. Jeff Hart guided me through the recovery process, answered all my questions, and kept in contact as the recovery progressed. I can''t thank Jeff & SDR for saving over 99% of my wife''s precious memories, and possibly my marriage!

    Can I recommend Secure Data Recovery, and Jeff Hart? You bet I can!

  • Reviewed on Jul 9 2019  |  Muncie, IN

    Ryan Wiggins Saved the Day

    We had a client who had a hard drive failed in their Network Attached Storage (NAS) device.. We contacted Ryan Wiggins at Secure Data Recovery, and he stepped me through the process and had great communication.. SDR was able to get 600+ GB of data back for our client, which saved them thousands of dollars in staff time to recreate all of the drawings that were stored on this NAS! Thanks RYAN, we will be in contact for sure if the need arises again!!

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