Media Repair and Data Recovery Services in Vancouver, British Columbia

Secure Data Recovery Services in Vancouver provides solutions for hard drives, RAID arrays, virtual servers, flash media, data tapes, and dozens of other data storage devices. As a leader in professional data recovery, we offer several service options with flexible pricing and dependable turnaround times.

Secure Data Recovery Services in Vancouver, BC
SSAE 18 Type II Audited Authorized Drop-Off Location
Secure Data Recovery Services
1021 W Hastings St 9th Floor
Vancouver, BC, V6E 0C3
Authorized Drop Off Location
Authorized Drop Off Location This is a convenient drop-off location staffed with professional and friendly receptionists trained in all aspects of the data recovery intake process as well as packaging and shipping services. The staff at this location will assist in answering questions, starting a new case, receiving, cataloguing and packaging the failed media to one of our certified data recovery LABs.
Walk-in Hours:
Mon-Fri: 9AM - 5PM
After Hours:
Emergency Services Available 24x7

Vancouver is a diverse city with a powerful economy, and it offers a high standard of living for its 600,000 residents. The town is a central location for software development, industrial manufacturing, and trade. Secure Data Recovery Services in Vancouver, British Columbia, proudly serves the local area.

Expert Data Recovery Services

Secure Data Recovery Services is the authority in Hard Drive Recovery, SSD Recovery and RAID Recovery. Since 2007, our data recovery company has helped tens of thousands of individuals and businesses of all sizes successfully recover from every type of data loss scenario. We understand the importance of data in the modern world and with our Economy, Standard and Emergency Data Recovery Options and state-of-the art technology we are ready to get your lost data back right now.

Experience total piece of mind with a “No Data, No Recovery Fee” Guarantee.

What storage device can we recover for you today?

  • Hard Drive
  • SSD
  • RAID
  • SMB and Enterprise Storage
  • Mobile

Supported Devices:

  • Desktop Hard Disk
  • Laptop HDD
  • External Hard Drive
  • SATA
  • SCSI
  • IDE
  • USB and SAS

Hard Drive Failed from:

  • Drops
  • Failed Heads
  • Power Outage
  • Deletion/Formatting
  • Water/Fire Damage
  • Bad Blocks or Clicking
  • Beeping
  • Whirring Noises

Supported Devices:

  • Desktop Solid State Drive
  • Laptop & External SSD
  • SATA
  • SAS
  • M.2 and NVMe

SSD affected by:

  • Controller
  • Logic Board & NAND Failures
  • Bad Blocks
  • Firmware
  • Natural Disasters
  • Deletion/Formatting
  • Drives Not Powering On

Supported RAID Levels for Server, NAS & SAN Storage:

  • RAID 0
  • RAID 1
  • RAID 10
  • RAID 5
  • RAID 50
  • RAID 60
  • Hybrid RAID & non standard RAID Storage

RAID failure due to:

  • Drive Not Detecting
  • Controller Failure
  • Volume Corruption
  • Incorrect RAID Rebuild
  • RAID in Degraded Mode
  • User Error & RAID Repair

Supported Platforms:

  • VMware vSphere
  • ESXi
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • SQL Server
  • Exchange Server
  • Sharepoint
  • Citrix Xen
  • XenServer
  • Veeam
  • MySQL
  • ORACLE & others

Data Recovery for:

  • LUN
  • Virtial Machine/Disk & Database Corruption
  • Storage Pool/RAID Group Multiple Disk Failure
  • Ransomware & Incident Response
  • User Error & Natural Disasters

Supported Devices:

  • All Apple iPhone
  • iPad
  • All Android Smartphones & Tablets

Mobile Device data loss due to:

  • Physical or Water Damage
  • Bootloop
  • Cracked Screen
  • Loss of Power
  • Logic Board Failure
  • Stuck Apple Logo & Error Code 14

Like all of our locations, our Vancouver office is fully accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Our A+ rating with the BBB reflects a high level of compliance with their demanding standards.

BBB Accredited Company

BBB of Vancouver Accredited Company with an A+ Rating

You can view the complete history of our A+ Rating and accreditation with the BBB of Vancouver, including full documentation.

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Advantages of our services include:

  • Turnaround options including 24/7/365 emergency services
  • Safe repairs in a certified ISO 4 Class 10 Cleanroom
  • Support for all file types and media formats
  • Around-the-clock access to customer service
  • Free diagnostics for standard cases
  • Advanced resources for specialized devices, data transfer, and RAID data recovery in Vancouver

Our teams can create an effective plan to restore your critical files to a usable state while limiting your down time, and our unsurpassed security credentials give you peace of mind throughout the process. Secure Data Recovery Services also provides completely risk-free diagnostics for standard cases. We can quickly provide a cost estimate for any type of digital device, regardless of failure scenario.

What to Do When a Computer or Storage Device Fails

Data loss can occur instantaneously, and failure symptoms can vary greatly from case to case. Some of the most common symptoms of media damage include unusual noises, error messages, bad sectors, and file corruption. This is not a comprehensive list, however, and you should take all potential failure symptoms seriously.

Regardless of the circumstances of data loss, we strongly recommend turning off your system. This is particularly important if you notice signs of physical media damage, as operating your device in a failed state can cause permanent read/write issues. Do not attempt to recover your data or repair your device for any reason. Keeping your system powered down will reduce your risks of accidental damage and greatly improve your chances of a successful recovery.

Contact our customer service team as soon as possible to set up diagnostics. Our Vancouver data recovery facility can quickly provide a free quote and turnaround estimate, reducing your down time substantially following a data disaster. All of our services include a no-recovery, no-charge guarantee; you do not pay any service fees unless we recover data. Vancouver residents can also get started by filling out our online recovery form.

We offer several data recovery options, including standard services with risk-free diagnostics and a 24/7/365 emergency service with an average turnaround of less than a day. Secure Data Recovery Services also offers local businesses advanced resources at our location in Vancouver: RAID 5 data recovery, data tape repair are all available. Call our customer service team to discuss options for your case.

Secure, Dependable Hard Drive Repair Services in Vancouver

At Secure Data Recovery Services, we take data confidentiality seriously. Our teams follow strict procedures when repairing your media and restoring your files. We were the first provider to earn SSAE 18 Type II SOC-1 certification, and we also hold additional credentials that demonstrate the excellence of our systems. Through regular tests, we ensure full compliance with various Canadian and United States laws as well as international standards like PCI-DSS.

Secure Data Recovery Services invests in technology in order to maintain a 96 percent success rate. Our teams work in a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which is optimized for hard drive data recovery, and our proprietary tools allow for safe, effective repairs in a matter of hours under some circumstances.

Secure Data Recovery Services can treat all failure scenarios, including:

  • Hard drive read/write head issues
  • Electronic damage
  • Accidental overwrites, file deletion, and virus attacks
  • Corruption and bad sectors
  • Fire damage, water damage, and more

With advanced technology, experienced engineers, and high success rates, Secure Data Recovery Services provides the best resources for hard drive data recovery and media repair. We also offer a number of other services, including data transfer and media migration, and all of our services feature certified security. Our local office gives you excellent access to a leader in professional data services.