How to Recover Raid 5

Need to Recover RAID 5 Array Data? You Need Expert Help

If you need to recover RAID 5 array data, it’s likely that your organization is facing significant challenges after a server crash. To recover your data and come back stronger than ever, partner with the industry leaders in business data recovery.

How to Recover Raid 5

RAID 5’s integrated structure makes recovery after a crash difficult.

RAID 5 is an enterprise file storage and redundancy strategy that provides cost-effective performance and security. However, RAID 5’s highly integrated structure makes it very difficult for a system administrator or server technician to retrieve data after a crash.

The Secure Data Recovery team provides you with years of expertise in sophisticated data recovery for large enterprises. Let’s explore some of the most common issues surrounding a RAID 5 array crash, what it means to your business, and how expert help can make a difference.

RAID 5 Recovery Facts: How to Recover RAID 5 Data

A RAID 5 array requires a minimum of three disks, but it can be extended to many more. If your enterprise starts experiencing frequent read or write errors on your RAID 5 array, the problem could originate from any of the hard disks within the array. This can be problematic for high-end servers that might implement RAID with hundreds of hard disks!

Because RAID 5 drives are logically interconnected, the first step to solving the problem is to isolate the damaged hard drive and remove it from the array. While it is probably not necessary to retire all of the disks in an array, the RAID 5 array should be taken offline as soon as possible when a problem is detected. Then, the hard disks should be tested individually.

If your enterprise implements RAID 5, odds are good that you have testing programs and tools that can help you isolate the point of fault. However, full RAID 5 recovery will require finding and restoring as much of the disrupted data as possible. With the help of Secure Data Recovery, you are much more likely to execute a smooth system restore and minimize data loss.

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RAID implementations are among the most difficult server configurations to troubleshoot. Whether you have isolated the problem or are in the opening hours of your recovery, Secure Data Recovery offers expertise that can significantly accelerate the process for you.

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Secure Data Recovery operates throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Australia. No matter where you are or how challenging your situation might be, we know how to recover RAID 5 data for you.

We strive to uphold an industry-leading 96% data recovery rate — even when you require same-day emergency service. To learn more about what we can do for you, call or email Secure Data Recovery right away. We look forward to helping you.


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