How to Recover Data from an External Hard Drive

Over time, external hard drives have become common. These days, they come in all shapes, sizes, and capacities. People use them to back up data or to move data from one place to another. People attach them to their media streaming devices or use them to hold data that is important to them. The problem is that external hard drives are just as prone to failure as any other type of storage medium. Since many external hard drives are portable, they are prone to much more wear, tear and danger from handling. However, if the worst happens, it's best to use a service uniquely positioned to recover external hard drive data.

How to Recover Data from an External Hard Drive

External hard drives are prone to more wear, tear and danger from use than desktop hard drives.

Types of External Hard Drives

There are many types of external hard drives. Some are large, and some are tiny. Some are portable, and some need to remain stationary. Different technologies govern how external hard drives work as well. Today, external and portable hard drives come in many forms.

  • External hard drives: Stationary or portable hard drives with an internal disk.
  • External solid-state drives: Solid-state drives that do not require docking and can come in various form sizes.
  • Hard drive enclosures: Enclosures that turn internal hard drives into external hard drives.

There are also many custom external configurations. These arrays can encompass several hard drives as well as serve as connectivity hubs.

Troubleshooting Inaccessibility

Before trying to find methods for retrieving data, there are a few things to consider with an external hard drive. Because of their plug-and-play nature, sometimes a drive is hard to access for reasons that have nothing to do with being in disrepair. It could be a case of finding the correct drivers or just getting the other device to recognize that there is an external hard drive connected. There could be a formatting incompatibility or any number of other things. It is important to do a little troubleshooting if the problem is just inaccessibility.

Sometimes inaccessibility is also indicative of a larger problem. Suddenly not having access to a damaged external hard drive can cause a panic. If the data is important and there is suspicion the drive is inoperable, then a certified, professional data recovery service represents the only real solution for retrieving the data. For both businesses and home users, the sudden loss of important data can be disastrous. Figuring out how to recover data from external hard drive devices is not an easy task. Additionally, tinkering around with any kind of hard drive is a service best left to professionals. It is easy to go from inaccessible data to irretrievable data by doing the wrong things.

Avoid Software Solutions

We offer a professional service with the ability to recover data from external hard drives without damaging or losing the data in the process. There are some software solutions that advertise themselves as a data recovery method, but many of those solutions are fickle at best. Not all software solutions can deal with all types of external hard drives. Also, not all services know how to recover data from external hard drive devices. These drives do not all conform to the same specifications.

There are many reasons an external hard drive can fail. Many of these failures can cause an external hard drive to become unresponsive, so a software solution will not work for them at all. Physical, electronic, and logical failures can stop a hard drive completely. Occasionally, an external hard drive can be used to recover data from another faulty drive. Imagine losing that data before getting a chance to transfer it.

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