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Why Won’t My System Boot Up?

Why Won't My System Boot Up?

Most of us have been there. You hit the power button and nothing happens. You try again and still-nothing. Few computer problems are more frustrating than a system that won’t boot up. There are multiple reasons for why a computer may suddenly and unexpectedly stop responding when you hit the power button. This challenge leaves few clues about the origin of the problem, and adds to the frustration. The problem could be extensive and require the motherboard to be replaced. Or, it could be rather basic, with just a loose cord or plug connection as the culprit.

Is My Hard Drive Damaged?

Many people who experience an unresponsive computer immediately begin to panic about the data they may have lost. While it’s true that when a PC won't boot it could be because of the hardware, in most cases, it has nothing to do with the hard drive itself. The hard drive is where your essential files are stored. That means that while your documents, music, videos and emails might not be accessible now, they could be recovered in the future. With the peace of mind that your data isn’t necessarily lost, you can start to explore potential reasons for the failed system boot.

Check the Computer Hardware Connections

If your computer does not turn on, look for any signs or lights of power supply or other connections. Many of us pay little attention to what these lights mean until there’s trouble. Take a moment now to note which lights indicate power supply and other connections on your computer or laptop. Remember power supply to a desktop is separate from power supply to a monitor. If the computer does not turn on because of power issues and the monitor doesn't display, the light on the monitor will most likely be yellow. A yellow light usually means that the computer has stopped sending information to the monitor. Before you go any further, physically check all cords to ensure they are tightly plugged into the computer and the power source.

What Should You Do When Your Laptop Won’t Turn On?

If your computer receives power after you have turned it on, but you do not see anything displayed on the screen, you may hear the fans moving inside the laptop. This is one of the most common causes that a laptop won’t boot. Unfortunately, it is also among the hardest to solve. First, check your monitor before beginning with another reboot. It’s possible that the only problem is the monitor. Next, make sure that your computer has been fully reset and is in a powered-off state. Remember, if you have a beep code, you can troubleshoot using it. This will give you the specifics about the problem. Take these steps one at a time so that you eliminate the possible causes of the problem. There are multiple advanced trouble shooting options or you may consider seeking professional help for a computer repair. If your system won’t boot, there could be multiple causes and the solutions range from easy to complex. If your data is lost in the repair process, call Secure Data Recovery at 1-800-388-1266 or complete our online help form to get started.
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