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Western Digital Warns Customers of Disk Data Loss

According to an email sent by Western Digital over the weekend, there are significant data loss concerns for their customers who own external hard drives and upgrade to Apple’s new OS X Mavericks.


According to an email sent by Western Digital to its customers, there may be a significant chance of disk data loss with the new Apple OS X Mavericks upgrade.

The email was sent over the weekend and is in response to customer complaints and concerns on the company's forums. The email detailed data loss issues that appeared to be related to external hard drives and computers that update to OS X Mavericks.

Western Digital Concerns

According to the email, Western Digital is "urgently investigating" reports of data loss and is focusing on the connection that may exists between this issue and the WD Drive Manager, WD Raid Manager, and WD SmartWare software.

In response to these concerns, Western Digital "strongly urges" their customers to "uninstall these software applications before updating to OS X Mavericks (10.9), or delay upgrading." If the upgrade has already been applied, Western Digital "recommends" the removal of WD specific software applications and the immediate restarting of the computer.

If the upgrade has already been applied, the software applications removed, and the external hard drive begins to have trouble, Western Digital suggests not saving anything to the drive, disconnect the drive from the computer, and contacting Western Digital Customer Service immediately.

As a result of the growing concern over connections between data loss reports and Western Digital's software, the company has taken the proactive step of temporarily removing the affected software applications from their website.

Sign Of Larger Issues?

The data loss troubles reported by customers of Western Digital external hard drives is not the first report of problems with existing hardware and the Apple OS X Mavericks upgrade. Prior to the Western Digital troubles, reports surfaced of driver issues relating to Thunderbolt drives and arrays.

While Western Digital is hesitant to blame Apple for a rushed release of their OS update before fully testing perceived issues with their software applications, the fact that other external drive systems experienced problems as well might mean further concern for the nascent OS X update.

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