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Fast Food Chain Wendy’s Strengthens Data Backup and Recovery

Restaurant chain Wendy's upgraded and simplified their data backup and recovery systems in an IT modernization effort.


The company famous for its slogan, “Where’s the beef?” will hopefully no longer have to ask, “Where’s the data?” The fast-food chain, Wendy’s, has improved its backup and recovery processes for data.

Previous IT Systems

The restaurant chain decided to update its backup and recovery infrastructure as a part of a broader IT modernization effort. Their existing system was made up of several points products, each one targeting a specific problem but does not provide multiple services. They have two datacenter locations with one in the company’s headquarters in Dublin, Ohio and the other at a colocation in Atlanta, Georgia.

The environment at Wendy’s is reportedly 90 percent virtual and 10 percent physical infrastructure. Their backup infrastructure was complex and after a primary storage failure years ago, the IT team took over a week to recover the data. 

Improving with Simplicity

A full-time dedicated IT staff person had to manage and troubleshoot the entire system. After a three-month proof of concept concerning a data management technology provider, “Cohesity.” Results showed that backup times were reduced from 12 hours to a mere two. Cohesity is a data management solution that consolidates backups, file shares, development data, and more into one web-scale platform. 

The entire IT environment for Wendy’s includes:

  • 850 Linux and Windows servers
  • Over 700 VMware virtual machines
  • One petabyte of data

Wendy’s was also able to bring the management of backup data into one interface. This meant there was no need for a dedicated staff person to handle troubleshooting and over 15 hours of IT staff time was freed up per week.

New System Benefits

Wendy’s can now automate processes such as when a new VM is added. The addition is automatically discovered and assigned protection policies. With the smoother system for data backup and retention, storage space was also greatly reduced without the need for so much equipment. The company can now backup on-site, at a co-location, or to their cloud system.

A specific expert administrator is no longer needed to manage their platform. VMs can also migrate from an isolated environment to a different network, saving downtime. Overall, Wendy’s can locate data easier and is looking to expand even more so into the cloud.

Secure Data Recovery offers similar benefits to Wendy’s new system. With the fastest turnaround times in the industry and emergency services with an average turnaround time of 48 hours, downtime is at a minimum for those who experience data loss. The engineers can recover data from any operating system including Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix, and more. 

Whether you are an individual technology user or a corporation with massive amounts of digital information, a backup solution is critical. You should have multiple points of backup both online and on physical devices. Even the most innovative IT infrastructure can become damaged, and Secure Data Recovery is there to help retrieve your files. Call us 24/7 at 1-800-388-1266 to learn more about our recovery services.

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