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Use Network-Attached Storage for extra security

The right Network-Attached Storage (NAS) solution will provide benefits beyond simple external network storage.


Protecting personal data is the single most significant hurdle a person connected to the virtual world has to accomplish. The threats to personal data security are creative, always evolving, and will require a dedicated approach in order to provide the best chance of securing private files. There are no guarantees for success in data security, but you can limit the vulnerabilities and opportunities for failure.

One significant step to securing the privacy of personal data is to use a Network-Attached Storage device (NAS). A NAS is a network appliance that connects storage drives, either hard drives or SSDs, into your home network without connecting directly to a computer. The storage drives are available to anyone on your network with the correct access permissions, but are stored safely away from infection by virus and malware on attached computers.

The right NAS system will provide extra benefits beyond simple external network storage. Advanced NAS systems will include support for built-in encryption, tools and interfaces that will allow for remote access, and support for advanced security features like home camera monitoring systems.

Personal cloud storage

The cloud is as pervasive today as social media and YouTube. However, most users are probably unaware that the cloud is nothing more than remote storage with a snazzy new name. What most users are aware of now is that cloud storage is not nearly as safe as many believed it was following the NSA leaks. So how does a security-minded user get the benefits of the cloud without the added hassle of big brother sneaking around in your cloud storage? Host your own private cloud storage.

In most cases, a new NAS device will provide an interface system that allows remote login service. This will allow your personal files to be stored on your network and in your home, but still allow for remote access from anywhere with an internet connection.

For added security, be sure to select a NAS device that supports virtual private networks (VPN) natively.

Extra layer of virus and malware protection

All security conscious computer users know that having an up-to-date antivirus program is a prerequisite to having a secure pc. How about your NAS? Does it need an antivirus as well? Yes, it does.

Keep in mind, most NAS devices run a form of Linux operating system instead of Windows and for that reason, the majority of the known viruses and malware will not affect it. However, the NAS will store and make available the files that were infected with the virus if they are not identified and removed. For this reason, you should purchase a NAS device that includes native antivirus and malware support.

Additional benefits

As an additional benefit to the safety and security of your personal data and files, consider the newly available option of a home security-enabled NAS device.

As one of the newer options to the NAS suite of benefits, the home security options take advantage of the large storage capabilities of a NAS device, as well as the remote login ability, to provide a secure base for video surveillance of your residence.

Not all NAS provide this feature, but when shopping for a new network-attached storage device, having the ability to upgrade your home security as well is a definite advantage.

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