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Top Five Tablets Of 2013

Tablets are becoming increasingly popular among both home users and the business savy for their reliability and mobility


As the market for tablets continues to expand and eat its way into the personal computer market, more and more people are looking to make the switch. Tablets allow people who need to be mobile the opportunity to experience content with a screen resolution larger than a smartphone allowing for the consumption of mass media centric commodities, like movies, streaming videos, and television shows.

Tablets also allow the less technically savvy members of the digital revolution to remove themselves from the operating system overhead of most personal computers and to focus on just the applications that are most necessary for daily use.

Here are my nominations for the top five tablets of 2013 (as of July).

Apple iPad Mini

The Apple iPad Mini is a steal for its price, size, portability and weight. The Mini is everything its iPad big brother is, but with more portability and less stress on the arms during long use. The thin and easy iPad Mini is thin, easy to use, and is able to play all of the apps and productivity services that the iOS has available to it.

The only drawback for the Mini, in regards to comparing it with big brother iPad, is the lack of a Retina HD display. In addition, now that the Mini has been out for most of 2013, manufacturers have begun to release keyboards that are compatible with the Mini’s smaller size. Cost: Starts at $329.00.

Nexus 7

The Nexus device line has been the benchmark for Android devices. These are the products that showcase the Android operating system in the state the Google truly intended. The Nexus 7 is that same experience, only magnified, focused, and in a 7-inch tablet.

The Nexus 7 is cheap, affordable, sturdy, low weight, and includes access to the Google play store and its mountain of available applications. The nexus 7 has been awarded many "best of" accolades in the last year and if you are in the market for an Android tablet that is super–portable, this si the one to buy. Cost: $213.00.

Apple iPad4

The 4th generation of the tablet market progenitor: The iPad is still the best large scale tablet on the market. The iPad comes with a powerful 9.7-inch HD Retina display, memory up to 64MB, and all of the applications on iTunes that made the first three generations of iPad the market leader since its inception. There is a reason that the Apple iPad has been the market leader and synonymous with the word tablet. Cost: Starts at $470.00.

Google Nexus 10

The Nexus 10 is the pure Google android experience on a 10-inch tablet with automatic OS updates and a lack of the bloatware that comes with lesser versions of the Android OS. The Nexus 10 is also the only tablet that can boast a higher resolution that the iPad Retina display.

The Nexus 10’s resolution is 2560x1600 and makes the ample content available to it a rich and beautiful experience. The nexus 10 is also well built, lightweight for its size and priced to compete with the iPad directly. Cost: Starts at $450.00.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z

The Sony tablets were very late in joining the tablet market and were initially plagued by poor design and construction. The Xperia Tablet Z is Sony’s attempt to make up for the poor initial showing. The tablet does not have the same quality of display as the Retina and Nexus 10, but is still very good and the tablet is said to be water-proof, allowing the Xperia to be taken into the bath.

The Xperia uses an older version of Android OS but with an update to the most recent version, the Xperia should shine. Cost: Starting at $490.00

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