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Top External Hard Drives for 2016

The Solo G3 external hard drive is fire and water resistant.

External hard drives are very useful to store personal and professional data. These external hard drives are detachable, portable and very handy to be a part of your business travels. If you are planning to buy the best external hard drive; you can find the ranges of external hard drive easily but finding the top external hard drive to meet your needs, requires some market research. Despite the portability and easy to use features, data loss or corruption on external hard drives is still unfortunately common. We recover external hard drives each and every day, however, so get in touch if you need recovery services to bring your old data to a new drive Our team’s expertise in all things data offers unique perspective in what hard drives will outperform the others in 2016. This market is so rapidly changing that an analysis of what’s hot and what’s not is necessary close to your time of selection. Whether you shop for a drive to store business-related data or your personal information, there are several features that maximize performance and the likelihood that your data will be safe. Here are a few of the top external hard drives for 2016:

Seagate Backup Plus Desktop

This device is fast, affordable to purchase and easy to handle. A dedicated software is being offered with this pack for you but with some limitations. At this time, the software only works with Seagate drives. It is ready to use with USB 3.0 enabled ports. You’ll be hard pressed to find another drive of this quality under $100 at its lowest capacity. Larger drives are affordable as well. Price Range:  $99 – $146.54

LaCie 5big Thunderbolt

This drive is pricey but boasts incredible speeds and is available with the thunderbolt cable. It is RAID 1 and 0 supported but it is only compatible to work with non-Window based computers. It is expensive but has been so popular that it’s currently on backorder on the company’s website. Price Range: $1499.99

SoloPro G3

This drive not only looks cool but it stays cool. It’s resistant to fire and water. This device is bulky but can provide a nice option if security at times of disaster and unexpected events is one of your concerns. Price Range: $332.49-399.99

WD My Book Duo

This external drive offers a plenty of space to store your data with fast speed and the features of RAID. There are two ports of USB 3.0, ready to use. It is affordable and replaceable with ease. This drive meets the basic needs and more for most users without breaking the bank. Price Range: $291.65-363.95

LaCie Christofle Sphere

The sphere is unlike any other hard drive. If you want your drive to double as an office conversation piece, this is the tech for you. The sphere is compatible with USB 3.0 features and comes with its own software. However, it is an expensive buy and not compatible for USB 2.0. It is rather a show piece that will add beauty to your desk. Price: $490 We hope our research streamlines your search of an external hard drive. If you are ever faced with data disaster with a drive, we are here to help. We are professional data recovery experts and can recover external hard drives from any manufacturer, whether the cause of failure be technical or accidental. Let us take a look. Following are the vendors we reviewed for this analysis:
Western Digital (WD) Samsung Seagate
Toshiba LaCie Verbatim
Micronet Apricorn Lomega
Maxtor ORICO Silicon Power
Transcend Sabrent Vantec
ioSafe Buffalo Buslink
Fantom HGST SanDisk
  Do you see your drive listed in our top choice or list of vendors? We’d love to hear your experiences as we know our customers are the true tech experts. Leave a comment or send us a tweet with your thoughts.
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